100 Most Recently Published SRS Publications

Effect of fire prevention programs on accidental and incendiary wildfires on tribal lands in the United States – 2015
Abt, Karen L.; Butry, David T.; Prestemon, Jeff; Scranton, Samuel

Modeling urban host tree distributions for invasive forest insects using a two-step approach – 2015
Ambrose, Mark J.; Koch, Frank H.; Yemshanov, Denys; Wiseman, P. Eric.

Understanding macroscale invasion patterns and processes with FIA data – 2015
Fei, Songlin; Iannone III, Basil V.; Oswalt, Christopher M.; Guo, Qinfeng; Potter, Kevin M.; Oswalt, Sonja N.; Pijanowski, Bryan C.; Nunez-Mir, Gabriela C.

Clarifying details on a 1930s-era pine-hardwood stand in Arkansas – 2015
Bragg, Don C. 

Understory plant biomass dynamics of prescribed burned Pinus palustris stands – 2015
Gonzalez-Benecke, C.A.; Samuelson, L.J.; Stokes, T.A.; Cropper Jr, W.P.; Martin, T.A.; Johnsen, K.H.

Electronic-nose applications for fruit identification, ripeness, and quality grading – 2015
Baietto, Manuela; Wilson, Dan

Consequences of data reduction in the FIA database: a case study with southern yellow pine – 2015
Rose, Anita K.; Rosson Jr., James F.; Beresford, Helen.

Characterization of water retention curves for a series of cultivated histosols – 2015
Hallema, Dennis W.; Périard, Yann; Lafond, Jonathan A.; Gumiere, Silvio J.; Caron, Jean

Southeast regional climate hub assessment of climate change vulnerability and adaptation and mitigation strategies – 2015
McNulty, Steve; Weiner, Sarah; Moore Myers, Jennifer ; Farahani, Hamid; Fouladbash, Lisa; Marshall, David; Steele, Rachel F.

Towards reliable mapping of biosecurity risk: incorporating uncertainty and decision-makers’ risk aversion – 2015
Yemshanov, Denys; Koch, Frank H.; Ducey, Mark; Haack, Robert A.

Non-timber forest products and forest stewardship plans – 2015
Barlow, Becky; Filyaw, Tanner; Workman, Sarah W.

The hydraulic architecture of conifers – 2015
Hacke, Uwe G; Lachenbruch, Barbara; Pittermann, Jarmila; Mayr, Stefan; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Schulte, Paul J.

Impact of two different types of El Niño events on runoff over the conterminous United States – 2015
Tang, T.; Li, W.; Sun, G.

Biophysical modelling of intra-ring variations in tracheid features and wood density of Pinus pinaster trees exposed to seasonal droughts – 2015
Wilkinson, Sarah; Ogee, Jerome; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Rayment, Mark; Wingate, Lisa

Growth and physiological responses of isohydric and anisohydric poplars to drought – 2015
Attia, Ziv; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Oren, Ram; Way, Danielle A.; Moshelion, Menachem

The influence of water table depth and the free atmospheric state on convective rainfall predisposition – 2015
Bonetti, Sara; Manoli, Gabriele; Domec, Jean-Christopher; Putti, Mario; Marani, Marco; Katul, Gabriel G.

Increases in atmospheric CO 2 have little influence on transpiration of a temperate forest canopy – 2015
Tor-ngern, Pantana; Oren, Ram; Ward, Eric J.; Palmroth, Sari; McCarthy, Heather R.; Domec, Jean-Christophe

Chronology and pedogenic effects of mid- to late-Holocene conversion of forests to pastures in the French western Pyrenees – 2015
Leigh, David S.; Gragson, Theodore L.; Coughlan, Michael R.

Response of stream salamanders to experimental drought in the southern Appalachian Mountains, USA

– 2015
Currinder, Bryan; Cecala, Kristen K.; Northington, Robert M.; Dorcas, Michael E.

Modeling the effects of forest management on in situ and ex situ longleaf pine forest carbon stocks – 2015
Gonzalez-Benecke, C.A.; Samuelson, L.J.; Martin, T.A.; Cropper Jr, W.P.; Johnsen, Kurt; Stokes, T.A.; Butnor, John; Anderson, P.H.

Perceptions of stakeholder groups about the participation of African American family forest landowners in federal landowner assistance programs – 2015
Dwivedi, Puneet; Jagadish, Arundhati; Schelhas, John

A Synthesis of the Economic Values of Wilderness – 2015
Holmes, Tom; Bowker, Michael; Englin, Jeffrey; Hjerpe, Evan; Loomis, John B.; Phillips, Spencer; Richardson, Robert

Variable infection of stream salamanders in the southern Appalachians by the trematode Metagonimoides oregonensis (family: Heterophyidae) – 2015
Wyderko, Jennie A.; Benfield, Ernest F.; Maerz, John C.; Cecala, Kristen C.; Belden, Lisa K.

Anthropic signatures in alluvium of the Upper Little Tennessee River valley, Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, USA – 2015
Wang, Lixin; Leigh, David S.

Colluvial legacies of millennial landscape change on individual hillsides, place-based investigation in the western Pyrenees Mountains – 2015
Leigh, D.S.; Gragson, T.L.; Coughlan, M.R.

Using structured decision making with landowners to address private forest management and parcelization: balancing multiple objectives and incorporating uncertainty – 2015
Ferguson, Paige F. B.; Conroy, Michael J.; Chamblee, John F.; Hepinstall-Cymerman, Jeffrey

Occupancy models for data with false positive and false negative errors and heterogeneity across sites and surveys – 2015
Ferguson, Paige F.B.; Conroy, Michael J.; Hepinstall-Cymerman, Jeffrey; Yoccoz, Nigel

Nature talk in an Appalachian newspaper: What environmental discourse analysis reveals about efforts to address exurbanization and climate change – 2015
Burke, Brian J.; Welch-Devine, Meredith; Gustafson, Seth.

Cryptic indirect effects of exurban edges on a woodland community – 2015
Warren, R. J.; Pearson, S. M.; Henry, S.; Rossouw, K.; Love, J. P.; Olejniczak, M. J.; Elliott, Katherine; Bradford, M. A.

Composition, biomass and structure of mangroves within the Zambezi River Delta – 2015
Trettin, Carl C.; Stringer, Christina E.; Zarnoch, Stan

Identification of a barrier height threshold where brook trout population genetic diversity, differentiation, and relatedness are affected – 2015
Timm, Anne; Hallerman, Eric; Dolloff, Andy; Hudy, Mark; Kolka, Randall

Bivariate functional data clustering: grouping streams based on a varying coefficient model of the stream water and air temperature relationship – 2015
Li, H.; Deng, X.; Dolloff, Andy; Smith, E. P.

The assessment of mangrove biomass and carbon in West Africa: a spatially explicit analytical framework – 2015
Tang, Wenwu; Feng, Wenpeng; Jia, Meijuan; Shi, Jiyang; Zuo, Huifang; Trettin, Carl C.

Influence of basin characteristics on the effectiveness and downstream reach of interbasin water transfers: displacing a problem – 2015
Emanuel, Ryan E; Buckley, John J; Caldwell, Peter V; McNulty, Steve; Sun, Ge

A value orientation approach to assess and compare climate change risk perception among trout anglers in Georgia, USA – 2015
Paudyal, Ramesh; Poudyal, Neelam C.; Bowker, J.M.; Dorison, Adrienne M.; Zarnoch, Stanley J.; Green, Gary T.

Forests of Georgia, 2014 – 2015
Brandeis, Thomas; Hartsell, Andy

Monetary union and forest products trade- The case of the euro – 2015
Buongiorno, Joseph

Modeling some long-term implications of CO2 fertilization for global forests and forest industries – 2015
Buongiorno, Joseph

Ecosystem services and preventive medicine a natural connection – 2015
Jennings, Viniece L.; Larson, Claire K.; Larson, Lincoln R.

Urbanization effects on soil nitrogen transformations and microbial biomass in the subtropics – 2015
Enloe, Heather A.; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Somers, Greg L.

Urbanization effects on leaf litter decomposition, foliar nutrient dynamics and aboveground net primary productivity in the subtropics – 2015
Enloe, Heather A.; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Somers, Greg L.

Indicator development methodology for volunteer tourism in host communities: creating a low-cost, locally applicable, rapid assessment tool – 2015
Lupoli, Christopher A.; Morse, Wayde C.; Bailey, Conner; Schelhas, John

Federal outdoor recreation trends: Effects on economic opportunities – 2015
White, Eric M.; Bowker, Michael; Askew, Ashley E.; Langner, Linda L.; Arnold, J. Ross; English, Don

Landowner response to wildfire risk: Adaptation, mitigation or doing nothing – 2015
Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra

Exploring empowerment within the Gullah Geechee cultural heritage corridor: implications for heritage tourism development in the Lowcountry – 2015
Boley, B. Bynum; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra

Factors influencing buyers' willingness to offer price premiums for carbon credits sourced from urban forests – 2015
Poudyal, N.C.; Bowker, J.M.; Siry, J.P.

Contributions of non-urban state parks to youth physical activity: A case study in northern Georgia – 2015
Larson, Lincoln R.; Whiting, Jason W.; Green, Gary T.; Bowker, J.M.

First report of Xyleborus glabratus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) and laurel wilt in Louisiana, USA: The disease continues westward on sassafras – 2015
Fraedrich, Stephen W.; Wood Johnson, C.; Menard, Roger D.; Harrington, Thomas C.; Olatinwo, Rabiu; Best, G. Susan

Three genera in the Ceratocystidaceae are the respective symbionts of three independent lineages of ambrosia beetles with large, complex mycangia – 2015
Mayers, Chase G.; McNew, Douglas L.; Harrington, Thomas C.; Roeper, Richard A.; Fraedrich, Stephen W.; Biedermann, Peter H.W.; Castrillo, Louela A.; Reed, Sharon E.

New crayfish species records from the Sipsey Fork drainage, including Lewis Smith Reservoir (Alabama, USA): Native or introduced species? – 2015
Adams, Susan B.; Roghair, Craig; Krause, Colin; Warren, Mel; Cochran, J. Allison; Dolloff, Andy; Moran, John; McGregor, Stuart W.; Schuester, Guenter A.; Gangloff, Michael; DeVries, Dennis R.; Kendrick, Michael R.; Grove, G. Lee; Wright, Russell A.

Two decades of compositional and structural change in deciduous old-growth forests of Indiana, USA – 2015
Lowney, Christy A.; Graham, Bradley D.; Spetich, Martin A.; Shifley, Stephen R.; Saunders, Michael R.; Jenkins, Michael A.

Early indications of drought impacts on forests in the southeastern United States – 2015
Crosby, Michael K.; Fan, Zhaofei; Spetich, Martin A.; Leininger, Ted; Fan, Xingang

Biological invasion hotspots: a trait-based perspective reveals new sub-continental patterns – 2015
Iannone III, Basil V.; Potter, Kevin M.; Guo, Qinfeng; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Pijanowski, Bryan C.; Oswalt, Christopher M.; Fei, Songlin

A unified approach for quantifying invasibility and degree of invasion – 2015
Guo, Qinfeng; Fei, Songlin; Dukes, Jeffrey S.; Oswalt, Christopher M.; III, Basil V. Iannone; Potter, Kevin M.

Consequences of shifts in abundance and distribution of American chestnut for restoration of a foundation forest tree – 2015
Dalgleish, Harmony; Nelson, C. Dana; Scrivani, John; Jacobs, Douglass

Progression and Impact of Laurel Wilt Disease within Redbay and Sassafras Populations in Southeast Georgia – 2015
Cameron, R. Scott; Hanula, James; Fraedrich, Stephen; Bates, Chip

Chemical and anatomical changes in Liquidambar styraciflua L.xylem after long term exposure to elevated CO – 2015
Kim, Keonhee; Labbé, Nicole; Warren, Jeffrey M.; Elder, Thomas; Rials, Timothy G.

Hydrologic calibration of paired watersheds using a MOSUM approach – 2015
Ssegane, H.; Amatya, Devendra; Muwamba, A.; Chescheir, G. M.; Appelboom, T.; Tollner, E. W.; Nettles, J. E.; Youssef, M. A.; Birgand, F.; Skaggs, R. W.

Young Forests and Farming Practices Can Benefit Wildlife. – 2015
Greenberg, Katie; Weeks, Kendrick; Warburton, Gordon

Biogeochemical research priorities for sustainable biofuel and bioenergy feedstock production in the Americas – 2015
Gollany, Hero T.; Titus, Brian D.; Scott, D. Andrew; Asbjornsen, Heidi; Resh, Sigrid C.; Chimner, Rodney A.; Kaczmarek, Donald J.; Leite, Luiz F.C.; Ferreira, Ana C.C.; Rod, Kenton A.; Hilbert, Jorge; Galdos, Marcelo V.; Cisz, Michelle E.

Naturally occurring variation in tadpole morphology and performance linked to predator regime – 2015
Johnson, James B.; Saenz, Daniel; Adams, Cory K.; Hibbitts, Toby J.

Changes in stand structure and tree vigor with repeated prescribed fire in an Appalachian hardwood forest – 2015
Arthur, Mary A.; Blankenship, Beth A.; Schörgendorfer, Angela; Loftis, David L.; Alexander, Heather D.

Characterizing crown fuel distribution for conifers in the interior western United States – 2015
Ex, Seth; Smith, Frederick W.; Keyser, Tara

Introduction to natural disturbances and historic range of variation: type, frequency, severity, and post-disturbance structure in central hardwood forests – 2015
Greenberg, Katie; Collins, Beverly S.; McNab, Henry; Miller, Douglas K.; Wein, Gary R.

The historic role of humans and other keystone species in shaping central hardwood forests for disturbance-dependent wildlife – 2015
Greenberg, Katie; Weeks, Kendrick; Warburton, Gordon S.

Southern pine beetles in central hardwood forests: frequency, spatial extent, and changes to forest structure – 2015
Nowak, John; Klepzig, Kier; Coyle, D R; Carothers, William; Gandhi, Kamal J K

Oak decline in central hardwood forests: frequency, spatial extent, and scale – 2015
Oak, Steven W; Spetich, Marty; Morin, Randall S.

High-resolution infrared thermography for capturing wildland fire behavior: RxCADRE 2012 – 2015
O'Brien, Joseph J.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hornsby, Benjamin; Hudak, Andrew T.; Bright, Benjamin; Dickinson, Matthew; Hiers, J. Kevin; Teske, Casey; Ottmar, Roger

Responses of Cerambycidae and other insects to traps baited with ethanol, 2,3-hexanediol, and 3,2-hydroxyketone lures in north-central Georgia – 2015
Miller, Dan; Crowe, Christopher; Mayo, P. D.; Silk, P. J.; Sweeney, J. D.

 Recovery plan for laurel wilt on redbay and other forest species caused by Raffaelea lauricola and disseminated by Xyleborus glabratus – 2015
Hughes, M. A.; Smith, J.A.; Ploetz, R. C.; Kendra, P. E.; Mayfield III, A.E.; Hanula,  J. L.; Hulcr, J.; Stelinski, L.L.; Cameron, S.; Riggins,  J. J.; Carrillo, D.; Rabaglia, R.; Eickwort, J.

An integrated crop and hydrologic modeling system to estimate hydrologic impacts of crop irrigation demands – 2015
McNider, R.T.; Handyside, C.; Doty, K.; Ellenburg, W.L.; Cruise, J.F.; Christy, J.R.; Moss, D.; Sharda, V.; Hoogenboom, G.; Caldwell, Peter

US forest products in the global economy – 2015
Wear, Dave; Prestemon, Jeff; Foster, Michaela O.

An exploratory spatial analysis of social vulnerability and smoke plum Dispersion in the U.S.South – 2015
Johnson, Cassandra; Goodrick, Scott; Murphy, Bryn Elise; Poudyal, Neelam

Effects of visual grading on northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.) seedlings planted in two shelterwood stands on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee, USA – 2015
Clark, Stacy; Schlarbaum, Scott; Schweitzer, Callie

Short-term response of breeding birds to oak regeneration treatments in upland hardwood forest. – 2015
Greenberg, Katie; Franzreb, Kathleen; Keyser, Tara; Zarnoch, Stan; Simon, Dean; Warburton, Gordon

From sink to source: Regional variation in U.S. forest carbon futures – 2015
Wear, Dave; Coulston, John W.

Remembering the sacrifice: historic Camp Claiborne, Louisiana – 2015
Barnett, James P.; Rhodes, Douglas J.; Lewis, Lisa W.

BAAD: a biomass and allometry database for woody plants – 2015
Falster, Daniel S.; Duursma, Remko A.; Ishihara, Masae I.; Barneche, Diego R.; FitzJohn, Richard G.; Varhammar, Angelica; Aiba, Masahiro; Ando, Makoto; Anten, Niels; Aspinwall, Michael J.; Baltzer, Jennifer L.; Baraloto, Christopher; Battaglia, Michael; Battles, John J.; Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Breugel, Michiel van; Claveau, Yves; Dannoura, Masako; Delagrange, Sylvain; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Fatemi, Farrah; Feng, Wang; Gargaglione, Veronica; Goto, Yoshiaki; Hagihara, Akio; Hall, Jefferson S.; Hamilton, Steve; Harja, Degi; Hiura, Tsutom; Holdaway, Robert; Hutley, Lindsay S.; Ichie, Tomoaki; Jokela, Eric J.; Kantola, Anu; Kelly, Jeff W. G.; Kenzo, Tanaka; King, David; Kloeppel, Brian D.; Kohyama, Takashi; Komiyama, Akira; Laclau, Jean-Paul; Lusk, Christopher H.; Maguire, Douglas A.; Maire, Guerric Le; Makela, Ammikki; Markesteijn, Lars; Marshall, John; McCulloh, Katherine; Miyata, Itsuo; Mokany, Karel; Mori, Shugeta; Myster, Randall W.; Nagano, Masahiro; Naidu, Shawna L.; Nouvellon, Yann; O'Grady, Anthony P.; O'Hara, Kevin L.; Ohtsuka, Toshiyuki; Osada, Noriyuki; Osunkoya, Olusegun O.; Peri, Pablo Luis; Petritan, Any Mary; Poorter, Lourens; Portsmuth, Angelika; Potvin, Catherine; Ransijn, Johannes; Reid, Douglas; Ribeiro, Sabina C.; Roberts, Scott D.; Rodriguez, Rolando; Saldana-Acosta, Angela; Santa-Regina, Ignacio; Sasa, Kaichiro; Selaya, N. Galia; Sillett, Stephen C.; Sterck, Frank; Takagi, Kentaro; Tange, Takeshi; Tanouchi, Hiroyuki; Tissue, David; Umehara, Toru; Vadeboncoeur, Matthew A.; Valladares, Fernando; Vanninen, Petteri; Wang, Jian R.; Wenk, Elizabeth; Williams, Richard; Ximenes, Fabiano de Aquino; Yamaba, Atsushi; Yamada, Toshihiro; Yamakura, Takuo; Yanai, Ruth D.; York, Robert A.

Predictors, spatial distribution, and occurrence of woody invasive plants in subtropical urban ecosystems – 2015
Staudhammer, Christina L.; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Holt, Nathan; Young, Linda J.; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Zipperer, Wayne; Other

Soil response to skidder and dozer traffic as indicated by soil stress residuals – 2015
Parkhurst, Brian; Aust, Mike; Bolding, Chad; Barrett, Scott; Vinson, Andrew; Klepac, John; Carter, Emily

Historical agriculture alters the effects of fire on understory plant beta diversity – 2015
Mattingly, W. Brett; Orrock, John L.; Collins, Cathy D.; Brudvig, Lars A.; Damschen, Ellen I.; Veldman, Joseph W.; Walker, Joan L.

Site disturbance and soil impacts resulting from mechanized thinning of upland hardwood stands in Southeastern Kentucky – 2015
Thompson, Jason; Carter, Emily.

Loading productivity of untrimmed and trimmed pulpwood – 2015
Thompson, Jason; Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana

Monitoring moisture content, temperature, and humidity in whole-tree pine chip piles – 2015
Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana; Thompson, Jason

Georgia’s forests, 2009 – 2015
Brandeis, Thomas J.

A global evaluation of forest interior area dynamics using tree cover data from 2000 to 2012 – 2015
Riitters, Kurt; Wickham, James; Costanza, Jennifer K.; Vogt, Peter

Production of bio-oil from underutilized forest biomass using an auger reactor – 2015
Ravindran, H.; Thangalzhy-Gopakumar, S.; Adhikari, S.; Fasina, O.; Tu, M.; Via, B.; Carter, E.; Taylor, S.

Harvesting choices and timber supply among landowners in the southern United States – 2015
Zhang, Daowei; Sun, Xing; Butler, Brett J.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.

Hydrological hysteresis and its value for assessing process consistency in catchment conceptual models – 2015
Fovet, O.; Ruiz, L.; Hrachowitz, M.; Faucheux, M.; Gascuel-Odoux, C.

The role of host abundance in regulating populations of freshwater mussels with parasitic larvae – 2015
Haag, Wendell R.; Stoeckel, James A.

Impacts of repeated wildfire on long-unburned plant communities of the southern Appalachian Mountains – 2015
Hagan, Donald L.; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Reilly, Matthew; Shearman, Timothy M.

Pondberry (Lindera   melissifolia, Lauraceae) seed and seedling dispersers and predators – 2015
Martins, Andreza M.; Abilio, Fernanda M.; Oliveira, Plinio Gonçalves de; Feltrin, Raquel Partelli; Scheffer Alves de Lima, Fernanda; de O. Antonelli, Priscilla; Vilela, Daniela Teixeira; Smith III, Carl G.; Tidwell, Collin; Hamel, Paul; Devall, Margaret; Connor, Kristina; Leininger, Theodor; Schiff, Nathan; Wilson, A. Dan

Influence of selection systems and shelterwood methods on understory plant communities of longleaf pine forests in flatwoods and uplands – 2015
Brockway, Dale G.; Outcalt, Kenneth W.

Impact of postfire management on forest regeneration in a managed hemiboreal forest, Estonia – 2015
Parro, Kristi; Metslaid, Marek; Renel, Getter; Sims, Allan; Stanturf, John; Jogiste, Kalev; Koster, Kajar

Advances in electronic-nose technologies for the detection of volatile biomarker metabolites in the human breath – 2015
Wilson, Alphus D.

Procambarus (Girardiella) holifieldi, a new species of crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae) from Alabama with a revision of the Hagenianus Group in the subgenus Girardiella – 2015
Schuster, Guenter A.; Taylor, Christopher A.; Adams, Susan B.

Roost selection by rafinesque's big-eared bats ( Corynorhinus rafinesquii ) in a pristine habitat at three spatial scales – 2015
Lucas, Jessica S.; Loeb, Susan C.; Jodice, Patrick G. R.

Do silvicultural practices to restore oaks affect salamanders in the short term? – 2015
Raybuck, Amy L.; Moorman, Christopher E.; Fritts, Sarah R.; Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Deperno, Christopher S.; Simon, Dean M.; Warburton, Gordon S.

Revision of the world species of Xeris Costa (Hymenoptera: Siricidae) – 2015
Goulet, Henri; Boudreault, Caroline; Schiff, Nathan M.

A nearly cryptic scorpionfly, Panorpa cryptica n sp.(Mecoptera: Panorpidae) from North America – 2015
Bicha, Wesley; Schiff, Nathan; Lancaster, Aaron; Scheffler, Brian

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