100 Most Recently Published SRS Publications

U.S. Virgin Islands’ Forests, 2009 – 2013
Brandeis, Thomas J.; Turner, Jeffery A.

Synergistic effects of the invasive Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) and climate change on aquatic amphibian survival – 2013
Saenz, Daniel; Fucik, Erin M.; Kwiatkowski, Matthew A.

Population distribution, density and habitat preference of the Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea) in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area – 2012
Curley, Shannon; Master, Terry; George, Gregory

Potential energy expenditure by litter-roosting bats associated with temperature under leaf litter during winter – 2013
Perry, Roger W.

Longleaf and loblolly pine seedlings respond differently to soil compaction, water content, and fertilization – 2013
Scott, D. Andrew; Burger, James A.

Advancing our understanding of the non-breeding distribution of Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea) in the Andes – 2012
Colorado, Gabriel J.; Hamel, Paul B.; Rodewald, Amanda D.; Mehlman, David.

Application of a conductive polymer electronic-nose device to identify aged woody samples – 2012
Wilson, Alphus D.

Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2013 Tax Year – 2013
Wang, Linda; Greene, John

Impacts of reforestation upon sediment load and water outflow in the Lower Yazoo River Watershed, Mississippi – 2013
Ouyang, Ying; Leininger, Theodor D.; Moran, Matt

Designing a dynamic data driven application system for estimating real-time load of dissolved organic carbon in a river – 2012
Ouyang, Ying.

The biological control of Pomacea canaliculata population by rice-duck mutualism in paddy fields – 2013
Liang, Kiang; Zhang, Jia-en; Fang, Li; Zaho, Benliang; Luo, Mingzhu; Parajuli, Prem; Ouyang, Ying

Effects of a constructed wetland and pond system upon shallow groundwater quality – 2013
Ouyang, Ying

Watershed-scale hydrological modeling methods and applications – 2013
Parajuli, Prem B.; Ouyang, Ying

U.S. Virgin Islands, 2009—forest inventory and analysis factsheet – 2013
Brandeis, T.J.; Turner, J.A.

Where is the carbon? Carbon sequestration potential from private forestland in the Southern United States – 2013
Galik, Christopher S.; Murray, Brian C.; Mercer, D. Evan

A real options model to assess the role of flexibility in forestry and agroforestry adoption and disadoption in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley – 2013
Frey, Gregory E.; Mercer, D. Evan; Cubbage, Frederick W.; Abt, Robert C.

Lindera melissifolia responses to flood durations and light regimes suggest strategies for recovery and conservation – 2013
Lockhart, Brian Roy; Gardiner, Emile S.; Leininger, Theodor D.; Hamel, Paul B.; Connor, Kristina F.; Devall, Margaret S.; Schiff, Nathan M.; Wilson, A. Dan

Fire in the Wildland–Urban Interface – 2012
Mercer, Evan; Zipperer, Wayne

A note on a simplified and general approach to simulating from multivariate copula functions – 2013
Goodwin, Barry K.

Exploiting autoregressive properties to develop prospective urban arson forecasts by target – 2013
Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Butry, David T.; Thomas, Douglas

Representativeness-based sampling network design for the State of Alaska – 2013
Hoffman, Forrest M.; Kumar, Jitendra; Mills, Richard T.; Hargrove, William W.

Global variation in elevational diversity patterns – 2013
Guo, Qinfeng; Kelt, Douglas A.; Sun, Zhongyu; Liu, Hongxiao; Hu, Liangjun; Ren, Hai; We, Jun

Afforestation and forests at the dryland edges: Lessons learned and future outlooks – 2013
Mátyás, Csaba; Sun, Ge; Zhang, Yaoqi

Carbon fluxes, evapotranspiration, and water use efficiency of terrestrial ecosystems in China – 2013
Xiao, Jingfeng; Sun, Ge; Chen, Jiquan; Chen, Hui; Chen, Shiping; Dong, Gang

Time as a dimension of the sample design in national-scale forest inventories – 2013
Roesch, Francis; Van Deusen, Paul

Statistical properties of alternative national forest inventory area estimators – 2012
Roesch, Francis; Coulston, John; Hill, Andrew D.

Estimating forestland area change from inventory data – 2013
Van Deusen, Paul; Roesch, Francis; Wigley, Thomas

Status of black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) in the Eastern United States in light of the discovery of thousand cankers disease – 2013
Randolph, KaDonna; Rose, Anita; Oswalt, Christopher; Brown, Mark

Development history and bibliography of the US Forest Service crown-condition indicator for forest health monitoring – 2013
Randolph, KaDonna

Impacts on South Carolina timber production over the last five decades. – 2013
Mo, Jinglong; Straka, Thomas; Harper, Richard

A framework for identifying carbon hotspots and forest management drivers – 2013
Timilsina, Nilesh; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Cropper, Wendell P.; Abd-Elrahman, Amr; Brandeis, Thomas; Delphin, Sonia; Lambert, Samuel

An economic assessment of mountain pine beetle timber salvage in the west – 2013
Prestemon, Jeffery P.; Abt, Karen L.; Potter, Kevin M.; Koch, Frank H.

One fell swoop – 2013
Loeb, Susan

A large-scale forest landscap model incorporating multi-scale processes and utilizing forest inventory data – 2013
Wang, Wen J.; Spetich, Martin A.; Shifley, Stephen R.; Thompson, Frank R.; Larsen, David R.; Fraser, Jacob S.; Yang, Jian

Nursery performance of American and Chinese chestnuts and backcross generations in commercial tree nurseries – 2012
Clark, Stacy L.; Schlarbaum, Scott E.; Saxton, Arnold M.; Hebard, Fred V.

The reintroduction of the American Chestnut – 2013
Clark, Stacy L

Forecasting long-term acorn production with and without oak decline using forest inventory data – 2013
Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Keyser, Chad E.; Rathbun, Leah C.; Rose, Anita K.; Fearer, Todd M.; McNab, Henry W.

Geospatial assessment of invasive plants on reclaimed mines in Alabama – 2013
Lemke, D.; Schweitzer, C.J.; Tadesse, W.; Wang, Y.; Brown, J.A.

Short term response of herpetofaunal to oak-regeneration treatments on the mid-Cumberland Plateau of southern Tennessee – 2013
Cantrell, Andrew W.; Wang, Yong; Schweitzer, Callie J.; Greenberg, Cathryn H.

Representing uncertainty in a spatial invasion model that incorporates human-mediated dispersal – 2013
Koch, Frank H.; Yemshanov, Denys; Haack, Robert A.

Quantifying uncertainty in pest risk maps and assessments: adopting a risk-averse decision maker’s perspective – 2013
Yemshanov, Denys; Koch, Frank H.; Ducey, Mark J.; Haack, Robert A.; Siltanen, Marty; Wilson, Kirsty

A new multicriteria risk mapping approach based on a multiattribute frontier concept – 2013
Yemshanov, Denys; Koch, Frank H.; Ben-Haim, Yakov; Downing, Marla; Sapio, Frank; Siltanen, Marty

New species of Cerambycidae from Panama, with new distribution records (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) – 2013
Bezark, Larry G.; Tyson, William H.; Schiff, Nathan M.

Effects of tornado damage, prescribed fire, and salvage logging on natural oak (Quercus spp.) regeneration in a xeric southern USA Coastal Plain oak/pine forest – 2013
Cannon, Jeffery B.; Brewer, J. Stephen

Evaluation of a portable MOS electronic nose to detect root rots in shade tree species – 2013
Baietto, Manuela; Pozzi, Letizia; Wilson, Alphus Dan; Bassi, Daniele.

Quantifying the production of dissolved organic nitrogen in headwater streams using 15N tracer additions – 2013
Johnson, Laura T.; Tank, Jennifer L.; Hall, Robert O.; Mullholland, Patrick J.; Hamilton, Stephen K.; Valett, H. Maurice; Webster, Jackson R.; Bernot, Melody J.; McDowell, William H.; Peterson, Bruce J.; Thomas, Suzanne M.

Performance and population dynamics of a native understory herb differ between young and old forest stands in the Southern Appalachians – 2013
Jackson, Michelle M.; Pearson, Scott M.; Turner, Monica G.

Seeing the forest and the trees: multilevel models reveal both species and community patterns – 2012
Jackson, Michelle M.; Turner, Monica G.; Pearson, Scott M.; Ives, Anthony R.

Hydrologic Effects of Size and Location of Fields Converted from Drained Pine Forest to Agricultural Cropland – 2013
Kim, Hyun Woo; Amatya, Devendra M.; Chescheir, George M.; Skaggs, Wayne R.; Nettles, Jami E.

Why does land-use history facilitate non-native plant invasion? A field experiment with Celastrus orbiculatus in the southern Appalachians – 2013
Kuhman, Timothy R.; Pearson, Scott M.; Turner, Monica G.

Wildlife and the coal waste policy debate: proposed rules for coal waste disposal ignore lessons from 45 years of wildlife poisoning – 2012
Lemly, A. Dennis; Skorupa, Joseph P.

Sensitivity analysis of a pulse nutrient addition technique for estimating nutrient uptake in large streams – 2012
Lin, Laurence; Webster, J.R.

Effects of Exurban Development and Temperature on Bird Species in the Southern Appalachians – 2013
Lumpkin, Heather A.; Pearson, Scott M.

Land cover changes and their biogeophysical effects on climate – 2013
Mahmood, Rezaul; Pielke, Roger A.; Hubbard, Kenneth G.; Niyogi, Dev; Dirmeyer, Paul A.; McAlpine, Clive; Carleton, Andrew M.; Hale, Robert; Gameda, Samuel; Beltrán-Przekurat, Adriana; Baker, Bruce; McNider, Richard; Legates, David R.; Shepherd, Marshall; Du, Jinyang; Blanken, Peter D.; Frauenfeld, Oliver W.; Nair, U.S.; Fall, Souleymane.

Differences in forest plant functional trait distributions across land-use and productivity gradients – 2013
Mayfield, Margaret M.; Dwyer, John M.; Chalmandrier, Loic; Wells, Jessie A.; Bonser, Stephen P.; Catterall, Carla P.; DeClerck, Fabrice; Ding, Yi; Fraterrigo, Jennifer M.; Metcalfe, Daniel J.; Queiroz, Cibele; Vesk, Peter A.; Morgan, John W.

Effects of future sulfate and nitrate deposition scenarios on Linville Gorge and Shining Rock Wildernesses – 2013
Elliott, Katherine J.; Vose, James M.; Jackson, William A.

Between-Site Differences in the Scale of Dispersal and Gene Flow in Red Oak – 2012
Moran, Emily V; Clark, James S.

Search efforts for ivory-billed woodpecker in South Carolina – 2013
Moskwik, Matthew; Thom, Theresa; Barnhill, Laurel M.; Watson, Craig; Koches, Jennifer; Kilgo, John; Hulslander, Bill; Degarady, Colette; Peters, Gary.

Ecosystem Function in Appalachian Headwater Streams during an Active Invasion by the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid – 2013
Northington, Robert M.; Webster, Jackson R.; Benfield, Ernest F.; Cheever, Beth M.; Niederlehner, Barbara R.

Effects of climate and exurban development on nest predation and predator presence in the southern Appalachian Mountains (USA) – 2012
Lumpkin, Heather A.; Pearson, Scott M.; Turner, Monica G.

Weathering of almandine garnet: influence of secondary minerals on the rate-determining step, and implications for regolith-scale Al mobilization – 2013
Price, Jason R.; Bryan-Ricketts, Debra S.; Anderson, Diane; Velbel, Michael A.

Rates of biotite weathering, and clay mineral transformation and neoformation, determined from watershed geochemical mass-balance methods for the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, USA – 2013
Price, Jason R.; Velbel, Michael A.

Streamside Management Zones Affect Movement of Silvicultural Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers to Piedmont Streams – 2013
Secoges, Joseph M.; Aust, Wallace M.; Seiler, John R.; Dolloff, C. Andrew; Lakel, William A.

Are current efforts sufficient to ensure healthy fish populations? – 2013
Danehy, Bob; Dolloff, Andy

The relative importance of exogenous and substrate-derived nitrogen for microbial growth during leaf decomposition – 2013
Cheever, B.M.; Webster, J. R.; Bilger, E. E.; Thomas, S. A.

Size-Mediated Tradeoffs in Life-History Traits in Dusky Salamanders – 2013
Bruce, Richard C.

Empirical evidence that soil carbon formation from plant inputs is positively related to microbial growth – 2012
Bradford, Mark A.; Keiser, Ashley D.; Davies, Christian A.; Mersmann, Calley A.; Strickland, Michael S.

Floods in a changing climate – 2013
Andersen, Theresa K.; Shepherd, Marshall J.

Application of LiDAR data for hydrologic assessments of low-gradient coastal watershed drainage characteristics – 2013
Amatya, Devendra; Trettin, Carl; Panda, Sudhanshu; Ssegane, Herbert.

SWAT Model Prediction of Phosphorus Loading in a South Carolina Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment – 2013
Amatya, Devendra M.; Jha, Manoj K.; Williams, Thomas M.; Edwards, Amy E.; Hitchcock, Daniel R..

Consistency of Hydrologic Relationships of a Paired Watershed Approach – 2013
Ssegane, Herbert; Amatya, Devendra M.; Chescheir, George M.; Skaggs, Wayne R.; Tollner, Ernest W.; Nettles, Jami E..

Habitat, dispersal and propagule pressure control exotic plant infilling within an invaded range – 2013
Warren, Robert J.; Ursell, T.; Keiser, A.D.; Bradford, M.A.

Effectiveness of best management practices for sediment reduction at operation forest stream crossings – 2013
Wear, Laura R.; Aust, Michael W.; Bolding, M. Chad; Strahm, Brian D.; Dolloff, C. Andrew.

Causes and consequences of unequal seedling production in forest trees: a case study in red oaks – 2012
Moran, Emily V.; Clark, James S.

Response of hydrology to climate change in the southern Appalachian mountains using Bayesian inference – 2012
Wu, Wei; Clark, James S.; Vose, James M.

Interacting effects of wildfire severity and liming on nutrient cycling in a southern Appalachian wilderness area – 2013
Elliott, Katherine; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Vose, James M.; Jackson, William A.

Comparing vegetation cover in the Santee Experimental Forest, South Carolina (USA), before and after hurricane Hugo: 1989-2011 – 2013
Cosentino, Giovanni R.

Interactive effects of disturbance and nitrogen availability on phosphorus dynamics of southern Appalachian forests – 2013
Block, Corinne E.; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Fraterrigo, Jennifer M.

A regional classification of unregulated stream flows: spatial resolution and hierarchical frameworks. – 2012
McManamay, Ryan A.; Orth, Donald J.; Dolloff, Charles A.; Firmpong, Emmaneul A.

Metagonimoides oregonensis (Heterophyidae:Digenea) Infection in pleurocerid snails and Desmognathus quadramaculatus salamander larvae in southern Appalachian streams – 2012
Belden, Lisa K.; Peterman, William E.; Smith, Stephen A.; Brooks, Lauren R.; Benfield, E.F.; Black, Wesley P.; Yang, Zhaomin; Wojdak, Jeremy M.

Trait plasticity, not values, best corresponds with woodland plant success in novel and manipulated habitats – 2012
Warren, Robert J.; Lake, Jeffrey K.

Use of ancillary data to improve the analysis of forest health indicators – 2013
Gartner, Dave

An expanded role for river networks – 2012
Benstead, Jonathan P.; Leigh, David S.

Predicting Microstegium vimineum invasion in natural plant communities of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, USA – 2012
Anderson, Dean P.; Turner, Monica G.; Pearson, Scott M.; Albright, Thomas P.; Peet, Robert K.; Wieben, Ann

Response of stream-breeding salamander larvae to sediment deposition in southern Appalachian (U.S.A.) headwater streams – 2012
Keitzer, S. Conner; Goforth, Reuben.

Alterations on flow variability due to converting hardwood forests to pine – 2012
Serengil, Yusuf; Swank, Wayne T.; Vose, James M.

Effects of wildfires and liming of pine-oak-heath communities in the Linville Gorge Wilderness, western North Carolina – 2012
Elliott, Katherine J.; Vose, James M.; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Jackson, William

Southern Appalachian hillslope erosion rates measured by soil and detrital radiocarbon in hollows – 2012
Hales, T.C.; Scharer, K.M.; Wooten, R.M.

Regional carbon sequestration and climate change: It’s all about water – 2013
Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter; McNulty, Steve; Ward, Eric; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Noormets, Asko

Climate Change and Your National Forest: Assessing the potential effects of climate change on the El Yunque National Forest – 2013
Jennings, L.N.; Treasure, E.A.; McNulty, S.G.

What does productivity really mean? Towards an integrative paradigm in the search for biodiversity-productivity relationships – 2013
Hu, Liangjun; Guo, Qinfeng

Towards the planning and design of disturbance patterns across scales to counter biological invasions – 2013
Zurlini, Giovanni; Petrosillo, Irene; Jones, Kenneth Bruce; Li, Bai-Lian; Riitters, Kurt Hans; Medagli, Pietro; Marchiori, Silvano; Zaccarelli, Nicola

Testing the stress-gradient hypothesis during the restoration of tropical degraded land using the shrub Rhodomyrtus tomentosa as a nurse plant – 2013
Liu, Nan; Ren, Hai; Yuan, Sufen; Guo, Qinfeng; Yang, Long

Protecting your forest asset: managing risks in changing times – 2013
Jennings, Lisa; Boby, Leslie; Hubbard, Bill; Megalos, Mark

Mitochondrial DNA haplotype distribution patterns in Pinus ponderosa (pinaceae): range-wide evolutionary history and implications for conservation – 2013
Potter, Kevin M.; Hipkins, Valerie D.; Mahalovich, Mary F.; Means, Robert E.

Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases in the Southeast – 2013
Mitchell, Kenneth L.; Adelberg, Kimberly M.; Brown, Marilyn; Brown, Ryan; Burk, Diana; Cooper, Cort; Gaffney, Jeffrey S.; Garrett, Garry P.; Garver, Daniel; Smith, Stephen A.; Sun, Ge; Wells, Thomas

Interactions of forests, climate, water resources, and humans in a changing environment: research needs – 2013
Sun, Ge; Segura, Catalina

Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Water Resources in the Southeast – 2013
Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter V.; McNulty, Steven G.; Georgakakos, Aris P.; Arumugam, Sankar; Cruise, James; McNider, Richard T.; Terando, Adam; Conrads, Paul A.; Feldt, John; Misra, Vasu; Romolo, Luigi; Rasmussen, Todd C.; Marion, Daniel A.

Impact of soil texture and water availability on the hydraulic control of plant and grape-berry development – 2013
Tramontini, Sara; van Leeuwen, Cornelis; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Destrac-Irvine, Agnès; Basteau, Cyril; Vitali, Marco; Mosbach-Schulz, Olaf; Lovisolo, Claudio

Identification and visualization of dominant patterns and anomalies in remotely sensed vegetation phenology using a parallel tool for principal components analysis – 2013
Mills, Richard Tran; Kumar, Jitendra; Hoffman, Forrest M.; Hargrove, William W.; Spruce, Joseph P.; Norman, Steven P.

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