100 Most Recently Published SRS Publications

Measurement of semiochemical release rates with a dedicated environmental control system – 2015
Zhu, Heping; Thistle, Harold W.; Ranger, Christopher M.; Zhou, Hongping; Strom, Brian L.

Development of a pheromone elution rate physical model – 2015
Teske, M.E.; Thistle, H.W.; Strom, B.L.; Zhu, H.

Long-term effects of peatland cultivation on soil physical and hydraulic properties: Case study in Canada – 2015
Hallema, Dennis W.; Lafond, Jonathan A.; Périard, Yann; Gumiere, Silvio J.; Sun, Ge; Caron, Jean

Regenerative potential and functional composition of soil seed banks in remnant evergreen broad-leaved forests under urbanization in South China – 2015
Wang, J.; Huang, L.; Ren, H.; Sun, Z.; Guo, Q.

Interactive effects of large herbivores and plant diversity on insect abundance in a meadow steppe in China – 2015
Zhu, Hui; Wang, Deli; Guo, Qinfeng; Liu, Jun; Wang, Ling

Energy partitioning and surface resistance of a poplar plantation in northern China – 2015
Kang, M.; Zhang, Z.; Noormets, A.; Fang, X.; Zha, T.; Zhou, J.; Sun, G.; McNulty, S. G.; Chen, J.

Integrated modeling of water supply and demand under management options and climate change scenarios in Chifeng City, China – 2015
Hao, Lu; Sun, Ge; Liu, Yongqiang; Qian, Hong

Featured collection introduction: Water for megacities - challenges and solutions – 2015
Sun, Ge; Michelsen, Ari M.; Sheng, Zhuping; Fang, Andrew Feng; Shang, Yizi; Zhang, Huilan

The footprint of urban heat island effect in China – 2015
Zhou, Decheng; Zhao, Shuqing; Zhang, Liangxia; Sun, Ge; Liu, Yongqiang

Region-specific patterns and drivers of macroscale forest plant invasions – 2015
Iannone, Basil V.; Oswalt, Christopher M.; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Guo, Qinfeng; Potter, Kevin M.; Nunez-Mir, Gabriela C.; Oswalt, Sonja N.; Pijanowski, Bryan C.; Fei, Songlin; Bradley, Bethany

Climate-induced change of environmentally defined floristic domains: A conservation based vulnerability framework – 2015
Jewitt, Debbie; Erasmus, Barend F.N.; Goodman, Peter S.; O'Connor, Timothy G.; Hargrove, William W.; Maddalena, Damian M.; Witkowski, Ed. T.F.

Testing DRAINMOD-FOREST for predicting evapotranspiration in a mid-rotation pine plantation – 2015
Tian, Shiying; Youssef, Mohamed A.; Sun, Ge; Chescheir, George M.; Noormets, Asko; Amatya, Devendra M.; Skaggs, R. Wayne; King, John S.; McNulty, Steve; Gavazzi, Michael; Miao, Guofang; Domec, Jean-Christophe

Forests, land use change, and water – 2015
Amatya, Devendra M.; Sun, Ge; Green Rossi, Cole; Ssegane, Herbert S.; Nettles, Jamie E.; Panda, Sudhanshu.

Identification of nine pathotype-specific genes conferring resistance to fusiform rust in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) – 2015
Amerson, Henry; Nelson, C. Dana; Kubisiak, Thomas L.; Kuhlman, E.George; Garcia, Saul

Geomorphological impacts of a tornado disturbance in a subtropical forest – 2015
Phillips, Jonathan; Marion, Daniel A.; Yocum, Chad; Mehlhope, Stephanie H.; Olson, Jeff W.

Conversion of natural forest to managed forest plantations decreases tree resistance to prolonged droughts – 2015
Domec, Jean-Christophe; King, John S.; Ward, Eric; Oishi, A. Christopher; Palmroth, Sari; Radecki, Andrew; Bell, Dave M.; Miao, Guofang; Gavazzi, Michael; Johnson, Daniel M.; McNulty, Steve G.; Sun, Ge; Noormets, Asko.

Influence of forest disturbance on stable nitrogen isotope ratios in soil and vegetation profiles – 2015
Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Taylor, Scott R.; Boring, Lindsay R.; Miniat, Chelcy F.

Isolating causal pathways between flow and fish in the regulated river hierarchy – 2015
McManamay, Ryan; Orth, Donald J.; Dolloff, Charles A.; Mathews, David C.

Forests of Oklahoma, 2014 – 2015
Lambert, S.; Randolph, K.; Cooper, J.

Drought impacts on ecosystem functions of the U.S. National Forests and Grasslands: Part I evaluation of a water and carbon balance model – 2015
Sun, Shanlei; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter; McNulty, Steven G.; Cohen, Erika; Xiao, Jingfeng; Zhang, Yang

Drought impacts on ecosystem functions of the U.S. National Forests and Grasslands: Part II assessment results and management implications – 2015
Sun, Shanlei; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter; McNulty, Steve; Cohen, Erika; Xiao, Jingfeng; Zhang, Yang

Effects of forest management on productivity and carbon sequestration: A review and hypothesis – 2015
Noormets, A.; Epron, D.; Domec, J.C.; McNulty, S.G.; Fox, T.; Sun, G.; King, J.S.

Making Invasion models useful for decision makers; incorporating uncertainty, knowledge gaps, and decision-making preferences – 2015
Yemshanov, Denys; Koch, Frank H; Ducey, Mark

Identifying and assessing critical uncertainty thresholds in a forest pest risk model – 2015
Koch, Frank H.; Yemshanov, Denys

Wildflowers of the Savannah River Site – 2015
Segar, T.

Soil C and N storage and microbial biomass in US southern pine forests: Influence of forest management – 2015
Foote, J.A.; Boutton, T.W.; Scott, D.A.

Benefits and limitations of using standard Forest Inventory and Analysis data to describe the extent of a catastrophic weather event – 2015
Randolph, KaDonna C.

Forest Health Monitoring: national status, trends, and analysis 2014 – 2015
Potter, Kevin M.; Conkling, Barbara L.

Turkey Creek—a case study of ecohydrology and integrated watershed management in the low-gradient Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA – 2015
Amatya, Devendra; Callahan, Timothy; Hansen, William; Trettin, Carl; Radecki-Pawlik, Artur; Meire, Patrick

Effects of site preparation for pine forest/switchgrass Intercropping on water quality – 2015
Muwamba, A.; Amatya, D. M.; Ssegane, H.; Chescheir, G.M.; Appelboom, T.; Tollner, E.W.; Nettles, J. E.; Youssef, M. A.; Birgand, F.; Skaggs, R. W.; Tian, S.

Damage cost of the Dan River coal ash spill – 2015
Lemly, A. Dennis

Area sensitivity of grassland sparrows overwintering in a South Carolina forested landscape – 2015
Champlin, Paul J.; Kilgo, John C.; Lanham, Danielle E.; Spilker, Frank J.

Water contamination, land prices, and the statute of repose – 2015
Chamblee, John F.; Dehring, Carolyn A.; Depken, Craig A.; Nicholson, Joseph R.

Climate history shapes contemporary leaf litter decomposition – 2015
Strickland, Michael S.; Keiser, Ashley D.; Bradford, Mark A.

Low-to-moderate nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations accelerate microbially driven litter breakdown rates – 2015
Kominoski, John S.; Rosemond, Amy D.; Benstead, Jonathan P.; Gulis, Vladislav; Maerz, John C.; Manning, David

Adaptive economic and ecological forest management under risk – 2015
Buongiorno, Joseph; Zhou, Mo

Quel effet de l’euro sur le commerce europeen des produits forestiers? Académie d’Agriculture de France, Notes Académiques – 2015
Buongiorno, Joseph

Technical change in forest sector models: the global forest products model approach – 2015
Buongiorno, Joseph; Zhu, Sushuai

Pheromone-mediated mate location and discrimination by two syntopic sibling species of Dendroctonus bark beetles in Chiapas, Mexico – 2015
Nino-Dominguez, Alicia; Sullivan, Brian T.; Lopez-Urbina, Jose H.; Macias-Samano, Jorge E.

Sex pheromone of the baldcypress leafroller (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) – 2015
Sullivan, Brian T.; Allison, Jeremy D.; Goyer, Richard A.; Shepherd, William P.

Southern pulpwood production, 2012 – 2015
Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.

Insect-mediated nitrogen dynamics in decomposing wood – 2015
Ulyshen, Michael D.

Ipsenol, ipsdienol, ethanol, and á-pinene: trap lure blend for Cerambycidae and Buprestidae (Coleoptera) in pine forests of eastern North America – 2015
Miller, D. R.; Crowe, C. M.; Dodds, K. J.; Galligan, L. D.; de Groot, P.; Hoebeke, E. R.; Mayfield, A. E.; Poland, T. M.; Raffa, K. F.; Sweeney, J. D.

Phytosanitation Methods Influence Posttreatment Colonization of Juglans nigra Logs by Pityophthorus juglandis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) – 2015
Audley, J.; Mayfield, A. E.; Myers, S. W.; Taylor, A.; Klingeman, W. E.

Social vulnerability and Ebola virus disease in rural Liberia – 2015
Stanturf, John A.; Goodrick, Scott L.; Warren, Melvin L.; Charnley, Susan; Stegall, Christie M.

Effects of long-term elevated CO2 treatment on the inner and outer bark chemistry of sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua L.) trees – 2015
Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Labbé, Nicole; So, Chi-Leung; Kim, Keonhee; Reed, Karen G.; Leduc, Daniel J.; Warren, Jeffrey M.

Effects of timber harvest on water quantity and quality in small watersheds in the Piedmont of North Carolina – 2015
Boggs, Johnny; Sun, Ge; McNulty, Steven

North Carolina’s forests, 2013 – 2015
Brown, Mark J.; Vogt, James T.

Forests of East Texas, 2014 – 2015
Brandeis, Thomas J.

Clarifying the role of fire in the deciduous forests of eastern North America: reply to Matlack – 2015
Stambaugh, Michael C.; Varner, J. Morgan; Noss, Reed F.; Dey, Daniel C.; Christensen, Norman L.; Baldwin, Robert F.; Guyette, Richard P.; Hanberry, Brice B.; Harper, Craig A.; Lindblom, Sam G.; Waldrop, Thomas A.

Prescribed burning and mastication effects on surface fuels in southern pine beetle-killed loblolly pine plantations – 2015
Stottlemyer, Aaron D.; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Wang, G. Geoff

Predicting wildfire occurrence distribution with spatial point process models and its uncertainty assessment: a case study in the Lake Tahoe Basin, USA – 2015
Yang, Jian; Weisberg, Peter J.; Dilts, Thomas E.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Scheller, Robert M.; Stanton, Alison; Skinner, Carl

Experimental studies of dead-wood biodiversity - A review identifying global gaps in knowledge – 2015
Seibold, Sebastian; Bässler, Claus; Brandl, Roland; Gossner, Martin M.; Thorn, Simon; Ulyshen, Michael D.; Müller, Jörg

Protecting the forests while allowing removal of damaged trees may imperil saproxylic insect biodiversity in the Hyrcanian Beech Forests of Iran – 2015
Jörg, Müller; Simon, Thorn; Roland, Baier; Khosro, Sagheb-Talebi; Hassan V., Barimani; Sebastian, Seibold; Michael D., Ulyshen; Martin M., Gossner

Behavioral responses of Laricobius spp.and hybrids (Coleoptera: Derodontidae) to hemlock woolly adelgid and adelgid host tree odors in an olfactometer – 2015
Arsenault, Arielle L.; Havill, Nathan P.; Mayfield, Albert E.; Wallin, Kimberly F.

Considerations for restoring temperate forests of tomorrow: forest restoration, assisted migration, and bioengineering – 2015
Dumroese, R. Kasten; Williams, Mary I.; Stanturf, John; St. Clair, J. Bradley

Future landscapes: opportunities and challenges – 2015
Stanturf, John

Evolution of soil, ecosystem, and critical zone research at the USDA FS Calhoun Experimental Forest – 2015
Richter, Daniel deB.; Bacon, Allan R.; Billings, Sharon A.; Binkley, Dan; Buford, Marilyn; Callaham, Mac; Curry, Amy E.; Fimmen, Ryan L.; Grandy, A. Stuart; Heine, Paul R.; Hofmockel, Michael; Jackson, Jason A.; LeMaster, Elisabeth; Li, Jianwei; Markewitz, Daniel; Mobley, Megan L.; Morrison, Mary W.; Strickland, Michael S.; Waldrop, Thomas; Wells, Carol G.

Downstream Warming and Headwater Acidity May Diminish Coldwater Habitat in Southern Appalachian Mountain Streams – 2015
McDonnell, T. C.; Sloat, M. R.; Sullivan, T. J.; Dolloff, C. A.; Hessburg, P. F.; Povak, N. A.; Jackson, W. A; Sams, C.

Time series analysis of forest carbon dynamics: recovery of Pinus palustris physiology following a prescribed fire – 2015
Starr, G.; Staudhammer, C. L.; Loescher, H. W.; Mitchell, R.; Whelan, A.; Hiers, J. K.; O’Brien, J. J.

Soil fungal communities respond compositionally to recurring frequent prescribed burning in a managed southeastern US forest ecosystem – 2015
Oliver, Alena K.; Callaham, Mac A.; Jumpponen, Ari

Polymerase matters: non-proofreading enzymes inflate fungal community richness estimates by up to 15 % – 2015
Oliver, Alena K.; Brown, Shawn P.; Callaham, Mac A.; Jumpponen, Ari

Hydroregime prediction models for ephemeral groundwater-driven sinkhole wetlands: a planning tool for climate change and amphibian conservation – 2015
Greenberg, C. H.; Goodrick, S.; Austin, J. D.; Parresol, B. R.

Forest tree growth response to hydroclimate variability in the southern Appalachians – 2015
Elliott, Katherine J.; Ford Miniat, Chelcy; Pederson, Neil; Laseter, Stephanie H.

A consensus genetic map for Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii and extent of linkage disequilibrium in two genotype-phenotype discovery populations of Pinua taeda – 2015
Westbrook, Jared W.; Chhatre, Vikram E.; Wu, Le-Shin; Chamala, Srikar; Neves, Leandro Gomide; Munoz, Patricio; Martinez-Garcia, Pedro J.; Neale, David B.; Kirst, Matias; Mockaitis, Keithanne; Nelson, C. Dana; Peter, Gary F.; Davis, John M.; Echt, Craig S.

Status of bottomland forests in the Albemarle Sound of North Carolina and Virginia, 1984-2012 – 2015
Lorber, Jeah H.; Rose, Anita K.

Community Forestry Enterprises in Mexico: Sustainability and Competitiveness – 2015
Cubbage, Frederick W.; Davis, Robert R.; Rodríguez Paredes, Diana; Mollenhauer, Ramon; Kraus Elsin, Yoanna; Frey, Gregory E.; González Hernández, Ignacio A.; Albarrán Hurtado, Humberto; Cruz, Anita Mercedes Salazar; Salas, Diana Nacibe Chemor

Factors affecting broadleaf woody vegetation in upland pine forests managed for longleaf pine restoration – 2015
Addington, Robert N.; Knapp, Benjamin O.; Sorrell, Geoffrey G.; Elmore, Michele L.; Wang, G. Geoff; Walker, Joan L.

Emergent insects, pathogens and drought shape changing patterns in oak decline in North America and Europe – 2015
Haavik, Laurel J.; Billings, Sharon A.; Guldin, James M.; Stephen, Fred M.

Regional variation in Caribbean dry forest tree species composition – 2015
Franklin, Janet; Ripplinger, Julie; Freid, Ethan H.; Marcano-Vega, Humfredo; Steadman, David W.

Carbon stocks of mangroves within the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique – 2015
Stringer, Christina E.; Trettin, Carl C.; Zarnoch, Stanley J.; Tang, Wenwu

Mississippi’s forests, 2013 – 2015
Oswalt, Sonja N.

Fertilization intensifies drought stress: water use and stomatal conductance of Pinus taeda in a midrotation fertilization and throughfall reduction experiment – 2015
Ward, Eric J.; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Laviner, Marshall A.; Fox, Thomas R.; Sun, Ge; McNulty, Steve; King, John; Noormets, Asko

Forests of South Carolina, 2014 – 2015
Rose, Anita K.

Summer stream temperatures influence sculpin distributions and spatial partitioning in the Upper Clark Fork River Basin, Montana – 2015
Adams, Susan B.; Schmetterling, David A.; Neely, David A.

Comparison of suspendedbBranch and direct infestation techniques for artificially Infesting hemlock seedlings with the hemlock woolly adelgid for resistance screening – 2015
Powers, Zaidee; Mayfield, Albert; Frampton, John; Jetton, Robert

Can science writing collectives overcome barriers to more democratic communication and collaboration? Lessons from environmental communication praxis in southern Appalachia – 2015
Burke, Brian J.; Welch-Devine, Meredith; Gustafson, Seth; Heynen, Nik; Rice, Jennifer L.; Gragson, Ted L.; Evans, Sakura R.; Nelson, Donald R.

Stream invertebrate productivity linked to forest subsidies: 37 stream-years of reference and experimental data – 2015
Wallace, J. Bruce; Eggert, Susan L; Meyer, Judy L.; Webster, Jackson R.

Sustainability of corn stover harvest strategies in Pennsylvania – 2015
Adler, Paul R.; Rau, Benjamin M.; Roth, Gregory W.

Arkansas’ forests, 2010 – 2015
Rosson, James F.; Rose, Anita K.

Southern pine beetle infestations in relation to forest stand conditions, previous thinning, and prescribed burning: evaluation of the Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program – 2015
Nowak, John T.; Meeker, James R.; Coyle, David R.; Steiner, Chris A.; Brownie, Cavell

Evaluation of general-use insecticides for preventing host colonization by New Jersey southern pine beetles. – 2015
Strom, Brian; Oldland, W.K.; Meeker, J.R.; Dunn, J.

Temperatures below leaf litter during winter prescribed burns: implications for litter-roosting bats – 2015
Perry, Roger W.; McDaniel, Virginia L.

Forests of Mississippi, 2014 – 2015
Oswalt, S.N.

Climate change vulnerability assessment in Georgia – 2015
KC, Binita; Shepherd, J. Marshall; Gaither, Cassandra Johnson

Abundance of volatile organic compounds in white ash phloem and emerald ash borer larval frass does not attract Tetrastichus planipennisi in a Y-tube olfactometer – 2015
Chen, Yigen; Ulyshen, Michael D.; Poland, Therese M.

Mid-rotation silviculture timing influences nitrogen mineralization of loblolly pine plantations in the mid-south USA – 2015
Blazier, Michael A.; Scott, D. Andrew; Coleman, Ryan

Effect of fire prevention programs on accidental and incendiary wildfires on tribal lands in the United States – 2015
Abt, Karen L.; Butry, David T.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Scranton, Samuel

The role of aquatic fungi in transformations of organic matter mediated by nutrients – 2015
Tant, Cynthia J.; Rosemond, Amy D.; Mehring, Andrew S.; Kuehn, Kevin A.; Davis, John M.

Monthly land cover-specific evapotranspiration models derived from global eddy flux measurements and remote sensing data – 2015
Fang, Yuan; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter; McNulty, Steven G.; Noormets, Asko; Domec, Jean-Christophe; King, John; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Xudong; Lin, Guanghui; Zhou, Guangsheng; Xiao, Jingfeng; Chen, Jiquan

Stoichiometry and estimates of nutrient standing stocks of larval salamanders in Appalachian headwater streams – 2015
Milanovich, Joseph R.; Maerz, John C.; Rosemond, Amy D.

Knowing climate change, embodying climate praxis: experiential knowledge in southern Appalachia – 2015
Rice, Jennifer L.; Burke, Brian J.; Heynen, Nik

Forests of Oklahoma, 2013 – 2015
Lambert, S.; Vogt., J.T.; Cooper, J.

A subcontinental view of forest plant invasions – 2015
Oswalt, Christopher M.; Fei, Songlin; Guo, Qinfeng; Iannone III, Basil V.; Oswalt, Sonja N.; Pijanowski, Bryan C.; Potter, Kevin M.

Influence of residual basal area on longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) first year germination and establishment under selection silviculture – 2015
Kara, Ferhat; Loewenstein, Edward F.

Impacts of logging and prescribed burning in longleaf pine forests managed under uneven-aged silviculture – 2015
Kara, Ferhat; Loewenstein, Edward Francis.

Influence of herbicides and improvement cutting, fertilization, and prescribed fire on planted longleaf pine development – 2015
Haywood, James D.

Considering species richness and rarity when selecting optimal survey traps: comparison of semiochecmial baited flight intercept traps for Cerambycidae in eastern North America – 2015
Dodds, Kevin J.; Allison, Jeremy D.; Miller, Daniel R.; Hanavan, Ryan P.; Sweeney, Jon.

Forests of North Carolina, 2013 – 2015
Brown, Mark J.

A comparison of hydrologic models for ecological flows and water availability – 2015
Caldwell, Peter V.; Kennen, Jonathan G.; Sun, Ge; Kiang, Julie E.; Butcher, Jon B.; Eddy, Michele C.; Hay, Lauren E.; LaFontaine, Jacob H.; Hain, Ernie F.; Nelson, Stacy A. C.; McNulty, Steve G.

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