100 Most Recently Published SRS Publications

Genetic effects on early stand development of improved loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) seedlings – 2013
Sharma, S.; Adams, Joshua P.; Schuler, Jamie L.; Bragg, Don C.; Ficklin, Robert L.

Comparing aboveground biomass predictions for an uneven-aged pine-dominated stand using local, regional, and national models – 2013
Bragg, D.C.; McElligott, K.M.

Deriving biomass models for small-diameter loblolly pine on the Crossett Experimenal Forest – 2013
McElligott, K.M.; Bragg, D.C.

Smoke plume height measurement of prescribed burns in the south-eastern United States – 2013
Liu, Yongqiang; Goodrick, Scott; Achtemeier, Gary L.; Forbus, Ken; Combs, David

Linking complex forest fuel structure and fire behavior at fine scales – 2012
Loudermilk, EL; O'Brien, Joseph; Mitchell, RJ; Hiers, JK; Cropper, WP; Grunwald, S; Grego, J; Fernandez, J

Modelling smoke transport from wildland fires: a review – 2012
Goodrick, Scott L.; Achtemeier, Gary L.; Larkin, Narasimhan K.; Liu, Yongqiang; Strand, Tara M. (

Ecosystem and soil respiration of a poplar plantation on a sandy floodplain in Northern China – 2012
Fang, Xianrui; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Zha, Tonggang; Tan, Jiongrui; Wang, Xiaoping; Chen, Junqi; Chen, Jiquan; Sun, Ge

Curve number derivation for watersheds draining two headwater streams in lower coastal plain South Carolina, USA – 2013
Epps, Thomas H.; Hitchcock, Daniel R.; Jayakaran, Anand D.; Loflin, Drake R.; Williams, Thomas M.; Amatya, Devendra M.

Estimation of daily stream flow of southeastern coastal plain watersheds by combining estimated magnitude and sequence – 2013
Ssegane, Herbert; Amatya, Devendra M.; Tollner, E.W.; Dai, Zhaohua; Nettles, Jami E.

Characterization of storm flow dynamics of headwater streams in the South Carolina lower coastal plain – 2013
Epps, Thomas H.; Hitchcock, Daniel R.; Jayakaran, Anand D.; Loflin, Drake R.; Williams, Thomas M.; Amatya, Devendra M.

Snag characteristics and dynamics following natural and artificially induced mortality in a managed loblolly pine forest – 2013
Zarnoch, Stanley; Vukovich, Mark A.; Kilgo, John C.; Blake, John I.

Fall movements of Red-headed woodpeckers in South Carolina – 2013
Vukovich, Mark; Kilgo, John C.

Response to comments on “wildlife and the coal waste policy debate: Proposed rules for coal waste disposal ignore lessons from 45 years of wildlife poisoning” Environmental Science & Technology – 2013
Lemly, A. Dennis; Skorupa, Joseph P.

Application of the ELOHA framework to regulated rivers in the upper Tennessee River Basin: A case study – 2013
McManamay, Ryan A.; Orth, Donald J.; Dolloff, Charles A.; Mathews, David C.

Stream nutrient enrichment has a greater effect on coarse than on fine benthic organic matter – 2013
Tant, Cynthia J.; Rosemond, Amy D.; First, Matthew R.

Modeling stream-bank erosion in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains – 2013
Rogers, James C.; Leigh, David S.

Microbial and metazoan effects on nutrient dynamics during leaf decomposition in streams – 2012
Cheever, Beth Marie.

Factors influencing loblolly pine stand health in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA – 2013
Ryu, Soung Ryoul; Wang, G. Geoff; Walker, Joan L.

Carbon dynamics in the future forest: the importance of long-term successional legacy and climate–fire interactions – 2013
Loudermilk, Louise; Scheller, Robert; Weisberg, Peter; Yang, Jian; Dilts, Thomas; Karam, Sarah; Skinner, Carl

Phthiraptera and Acari collected from 13 species of waterfowl from Alabama and Georgia – 2013
Garbarino, V.R.; Campbell, J.; O'Brien, J.; Proctor, H.C.; Dik, B.

Influence of repeated canopy scorching on soil CO2 efflux – 2012
Aubrey, DP; Martazavi, B; O'Brien, Joseph; McGee, JD; Hendricks, JJ; Kuehn, KA; Mitchell, RJ

Passing the baton of action from research to conservation implementation for Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea) – 2012
Hamel, Paul. B.; Mehlman, David; Herzog, Sebastian; Rosenberg, Kenneth C.; Jones, Jason.

Breeding season concerns and response to forest management: Can forest management produce more breeding birds? Ornitologia Neotropical – 2012
Larkin, J.L.; Wood, P.B.; Boves, T.J.; Sheehan, J.; Buehler, D.A.

New secondary metabolites from bioactive extracts of the fungus Armillaria tabescens – 2012
Herath, H. M. T.Bandara; Jacob, Melissa; Wilson, A. Alpus; Abbas, Hamed K.; Nanayakkara, N.P. Dhammika Nanayakkara.

Configurational assignments of conformationally restricted bis-monoterpene hydroquinones: Utility in exploration of endangered plants – 2013
Oh, Joonseok; Bowling, John J.; Chittiboyina, Amar G.; Doerksen, Robert J.; Ferreira, Daneel; Leininger, Theodor D.; Hamann, Mark T.

High suspended solids as a factor in reproductive failure of a freshwater mussel – 2013
Gascho-Landis, Andrew M.; Haag, Wendell R.; Stoeckel, James A.

Effects of canopy structure and cultural treatments on the survival and growth of Pinus palustris Mill. seedlings underplanted in Pinus taeda L. stands – 2013
Knapp, Benjamin O.; Wang, G. Geoff; Walker, Joan L.

Differential jumping performance in newly metamorphosed Blanchard's cricket frogs, Acris blanchardi (Anura: Hylidae), from fish- and invertebrate-dominated ponds – 2013
Hall, Taylor L.; Saenz, Daniel; Kwiatkowski, Matthew A.

The North American gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) of hackberries (Cannabaceae: Celtis spp.). – 2013
Gagne, Raymond J.; Moser, John

Microbial communities may modify how litter quality affects potential decomposition rates as tree species migrate – 2013
Keiser, Ashley D.; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Bradford, Mark A.

Ecomorphodynamic feedbacks and barrier island response to disturbance: Insights from the Virginia Barrier Islands, Mid-Atlantic Bight, USA – 2013
Wolner, Catherine W.V.; Moore, Laura J.; Young, Donald R.; Brantley, Steven T.; Bissett, Spencer N.; McBride, Randolph A.

Effects of climate, land management, and sulfur deposition on soil base cation supply in national forests of the southern Appalachian mountains – 2013
McDonnell, T.C.; Sullivan, T.J.; Cosby, B.J.; Jackson, W.A.; Elliott, K.J.

Eddy covariance measurements with a new fast-response, enclosed-path analyzer: Spectral characteristics and cross-system comparisons – 2013
Novick, K.; Walker, J.; Chan, W.S.; Schmidt, A.; Sobek, C.; Vose, J.M.

Social insects dominate eastern US temperate hardwood forest macroinvertebrate communiteis in warmer regions – 2013
King, Joshua R.; Warren, Robert J.; Bradford, Mark A.

Urban climate archipelagos: a new framework for urban impacts on climate – 2013
Shepherd, J. Marshall; Andersen, T.; Strother, Chris; Horst, A.; Bounoua, L.; Mitra, C.

Macroinvertebrate Community responses to gravel addition in a Southeastern regulated river – 2013
McManamay, Ryan A.; Orth, Donald J.; Dolloff, A. Charles.

A review of spatial aspects of forest damage and recovery on the South Carolina coast following hurricane Hugo – 2013
Williams, Thomas M.; Song, Bo; Trettin, Carl C.; Gresham, Charles A.

Coweeta (CWT) [USFS, LTER] – 2013
Miniat, Chelcy

EO-1 Hyperion reflectance time series at calibration and validation sites: stability and sensitivity to seasonal dynamics – 2013
Campbell, Petya K. Entcheva; Middleton, Elizabeth M.; Thome, Kurt J.; Kokaly, Raymond F.; Huemmrich, Karl Fred; Lagomasino, David; Novick, Kimberly A.; Brunsell, Nathaniel A.

Climate Change in the Southeast USA: Executive Summary – 2013
Carter, L.; Dow, K.; Anderson, J.; Asseng, S.; Hopkinson, C.; Konrad, C.; McNulty, S.; Mitchell, K.; Moody, K.; Quattrochi, D.; Schramm, P.; Sun, G.; Swann, L.

Climate Interactions with the Built Environment in the Southeast USA – 2013
Quattrochi, D.; Dow, K.; Gaffney, J.; Long, P.; McNulty, S.; Shepherd, M.; Shuford, S.; Stone, B.

Climate Adaptations in the Southeast USA – 2013
Dow, K.; Carter, L.; Brosius, A.; Diaz, E.; Durbrow, R.; Evans, R.; Fauver, S.; Hayden, T.; Howard, B.; Jacobs, K.; Landers, G.; McNulty, S.; Nicholson, J.; Quattrochi, D.; Rimer, L.; Shuford, S.; Stiles, S.; Terando, A.

Potentials for mutually beneficial collaboration between FIA specialists and IEG-40 pathologists and geneticists working on fusiform rust – 2013
Cowling, Ellis; Randolph, KaDonna

Invertebrates and Plants – 2013
Haag, Wendell R.; Distefano, Robert J.; Fennessy, Siobhan; Marshall, Brett D..

Professional awards (Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society) – 2013
Haag, Wendell R.; Berg, D.J.; Galbraith, H.: Spooner; Strayer, D.L..

The role of fecundity and reproductive effort in defining life history strategies of North American freshwater mussels – 2013
Haag, Wendell R.

The effect of axial ligand on the oxidation of syringyl alcohol by Co(salen) adducts – 2013
Elder, Thomas; Bozell, Joseph; Cedeno, Diana

Characterization of Organosolv Lignins using Thermal and FT-IR Spectroscopic Analysis – 2013
Sammons, Rhea J.; Harper, David P.; Labbe, Nicole; Bozell, Joseph J.; Elder, Thomas; Rials, Timothy G.

Grafting of model primary amine compounds to cellulose nanowhiskers through periodate oxidation – 2012
Dash, Rajalaxmi; Elder, Thomas; Ragauskas, Arthur

Analysis of the fly ash from the processing of wood chips in a pilot-scale downdraft gasifier: Comparison of inorganic constituents determined by PIXE and ICP-AES – 2013
Eberhardt, Thomas L; Pan, Hui

Microwave-assisted liquefaction of wood with polyhydric alcohols and its application in preparation of polyurethane (PU) foams – 2012
Pan, Hui; Zheng, Zhifeng; Hse, Chung-Yun

Veneer-reinforced particleboard for exterior structural composition board – 2012
Hse, Chung-Yun; Shupe, Todd F.; Pan, Hui; Feng, Fu

Extraction and characterization of seed oil from naturally-grown Chinese tallow trees – 2013
Yang, Xiao-Qin; Pan, Hui; Zeng, Tao; Shupe, Todd F.; Hse, Chung-Yun

A Mid-IR Multivariate Analysis Study on the Gross Calorific Value in Longleaf Pine: Impact on Correlations with Lignin and Extractive Contents – 2013
So, Chi-Leung; Eberhardt, Thomas L.

Impact of industrial source on the chemical composition of loblolly pine – 2012
Eberhardt, Thomas L.

Opportunities for international research collaboration in wood science and technology – 2013
Hse, Chung-Yun

Rapid microwave-assisted acid extraction of southern pine waste wood to remove metals from chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treatment – 2013
Hse, Chung-Yun; Shupe, Todd F.; Yu, Bin

Renewable chemical feedstocks from integrated liquefaction processing of lingocellulosic materials using microwave energy – 2012
Xu, Junming; Jiang, Jianchun; Hse, Chung-Yun; Shupe, Todd F.

A fundamental investigation of the microarchitecture and mechanical properties of tempo-oxidized nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC)-based aerogels – 2012
Fonseca Silva, Teresa Cristina; Habibi, Youssef; Colodette, Jorge Luiz; Elder, Thomas; Lucia, Lucian A.

The effects of wildfire prevention activities – 2013
Thomas, Douglas; Butry, David; Prestemon, Jeffrey

Multiple factors influence the vegetation composition of Southeast U.S – 2013
De Steven, Diane; Gramling, Joel M.

Social disorder, accidents, and municipal wildfires – 2012
Thomas, Douglas S.; Butry, David T.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.

Terrestrial movements of the red-bellied mudsnake (Farancia abacura) and rainbow snake (F. erytrogramma) – 2013
Steen, David A.; Stevenson, Dirk J.; Beane, Jeffrey C.; Willson, John D.; Aresco, Matthew J.; Godwin, James C.; Graham, Sean P.; Smith, Lora L.; Howze, Jennifer M.; Rudolph, D. Craig; Pierce, Josh B.; Lee, James R.; Gregory, Beau B.; Jensen, John; Stiles, Sierra H.; Stiles, James A.; Nazdrowicz, Nathan H.; Guyer, Craig

Invasive plants found in Virginia forests, 2010 - forest inventory and analysis factsheet – 2013
Oswalt, Christopher M.; Oswalt, Sonja N.

Decreased carbon limitation of litter respiration in a mortality-affected pinon-juniper woodland – 2013
Berryman, Erin; Marshall, John D.; Rahn, Thom; Litvak, Marcie; Butnor, John

The effects of 11 yr of CO2 enrichment on roots in a Florida scrub-oak ecosystem – 2013
Day, Frank; Schroeder, Rachel; Stover, Daniel; Brown, Alisha; Butnor, John; Dilustro, John; Hungate, Bruce; Dijkstra, Paul; Duval, Benjamin; Seiler, Troy; Drake, Bert; Hinkle, Ross

Soil Fauna: Macroarthropods – 2012
Callaham, M.A.; Crossley, D.A.; Coleman, D.C.

Soil Fauna: Earthworms – 2012
van Vliet, P.C.J.; Hendrix, P.F.; Callaham, M.A.

Comparison of soil organic matter dynamics at five temperate deciduous forests with physical fractionation and radiocarbon measurements – 2013
McFarlane, Karis J.; Torn, Margaret S.; Hanson, Paul J.; Porras, Rachel C.; Swanston, Christopher W.; Callaham, Mac A.; Guilderson, Thomas P.

Composition, biomass, and overstory spatial patterns in a mature pine-hardwood stand in southeastern Arkansas – 2013
Bragg, Don C.

The use of broken power-laws to describe the distributions of daily flow above the mean annual flow across the conterminous U.S. – 2013
Segura, Catalina; Lazzati, Davide; Sankarasubramanian, Arumugam

Impacts of pine species, stump removal, cultivation, and fertilization on soil properties half a century after planting – 2012
Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Sanchez, Felipe G; Nelson, C. Dana

Effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on soil CO2 efflux in a young longleaf pine system – 2012
Runion, G. Brett; Butnor, John R.; Prior, S. A.; Mitchell, R. J.; Rogers, H. H.

Spatial and temporal variability of soil CO2 efflux in three proximate temperate forest ecosystems – 2013
Oishi, A. Christopher; Palmroth, Sari; Butnor, John; Johnsen, Kurt; Oren, Ram

Evaluation of screen barriers on redbay trees to protect them from Xyleborus glabratus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) and distribution of initial attacks in relation to stem moisture content, diameter, and height – 2013
Maner, M. Lake; Hanula, James; Braman, S. Kristine

Gallery productivity, emergence, and flight activity of the redbay ambrosia beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) – 2013
Maner, M. Lake; Hanula, James; Braman, S. Kristine

Performance of a Tracked Feller-Buncher with a Shear Head Operating in Small-Diameter Pine – 2013
Klepac, J.

Markets, Government Policy, and China’s Timber Supply – 2012
Zhang, Han; Buongiorno, Joseph

Estimating the carbon budget and maximizing future carbon uptake for a temperate forest region in the U.S. – 2012
Peckham, Scott D.; Gower, Stith T.; Buongiorno, Joseph

Characterizing incentives: an investigation of wildfire response and environmental entry policy – 2013
Bayham, Jude

Modeling the Impacts of EU Bioenergy Demand on the Forest Sector of the Southeast U.S. – 2013
Chudy, Rafal; Abt, Robert C.; Cubbage, Frederick W.; Jonsson, Ragnar; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.

Forests and People in the Mid-Atlantic Region – 2012
Fulton, Stephanie ; Mercer, Evan; Bradley, M. Patricia

Effects of herbaceous and woody plant control on longleaf pine growth and understory plant cover – 2013
Haywood, James D.

Characteristics of Comminuted Forest Biomass – 2013
Sprinkle, Jacob; Mitchell, Dana.

Harvesting systems and costs for short rotation poplar – 2013
Rummer, B.; Mitchell, D.

Ups and Downs Associated with Implementing Shift Schedules on a Southern Harvesting Operation – 2012
Mitchell, D.

Trucking Characteristics for an In-woods Biomass Chipping Operation – 2012
Thompson, J. D.; Klepac, J.; and Sprinkle, W.

Off-road transport of pinyon/juniper – 2012
Klepac, J.; Rummer, B.

Production, Cost and Chip Characteristics of In-Woods Microchipping – 2013
Thompson, J.; Sprinkle, W.

The State of the Logging Workforce in the Southern United States – 2013
Mitchell, D.; Huffaker, E.

Forest nursery seedling production in the United States—fiscal year 2012 – 2013
Harper, Richard; Hernandez, George; Arseneault, Justin; Bryntesen, Michelle ; Enebak, Scott; Overton, Ronald

Positive plant diversity-soil stability relationships are mediated through roots in the Songnen Grassland: Chronosequence evidence – 2013
Hu, Liang-Jun; Li, Ping; Guo, Qinfeng

Consequences of carbon offset payments for the global forest sector – 2013
Buongiorno, Joseph; Zhu, Shushuai.

Net nitrogen mineralization in natural ecosystems across the conterminous US – 2013
Chapman, LeeAnna Y.; McNulty, Steven G.; Sun, Ge; Zhang, Yang

A Spatial Index for Identifying Opportunity Zones for Woody Cellulosic Conversion Facilities – 2012
Huang, Xia; Perdue, James H.; Young, Timothy M.

Impacts of Global Change on Water Resources in Dryland East Asia – 2013
Sun, Ge; Feng, Xiaoming; Xiao, Jingfeng; Shiklomanov, Alex; Wang, Shengping; Zhang, Zhiqiang; Lu, Nan; Wang, Shuai; Chen, Liding; Fu, Bojie; Chen, Yaning; Chen, Jiquan

State and change of Dryland East Asia (DEA) – 2013
Chen, Jiquan; John, Ranjeet; Qiao, Guanghua; Batkhishig, Ochirbat; Yuan, Wenping; Zhang, Yaoqi; Shao, Changliang; Ouyang, Zutao; Li, Linghao; Guo, Ke; Sun, Ge

Forest health monitoring in the United States: focus on national reports – 2013
Riitters, Kurt; Potter, Kevin; Tkacz, Borys

Sectoral contributions to surface water stress in the coterminous United States – 2013
Averyt, K.; Meldrum, J.; Caldwell, P.; Sun, G.; McNulty, S.; Huber-Lee, A.; Madden, N.

First report of laurel wilt, caused by Raffaelea lauricola, on sassafras (Sassafras albidum) in Alabama – 2013
Bates, C.A.; Fraedrich, Stephen; Harrington, T.C.; Cameron, R.S.; Menard, R.D.; Best, Susan

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