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Interactions between weather-related disturbance and forest insects and diseases in the Southern United States Vogt, James T.; Gandhi, Kamal J.K.; Bragg, Don C.; Olatinwo, Rabiu; Klepzig, Kier D. 2020
Predictive mapping of trees per acre (TPA) using a non-parametric approach Pokharel, B.; Jacobs, D. M.; Schroeder, T. A.; and Vogt, J. T. 2019
Collaborative-tick surveillance works: An academic and government partnership for tick surveillance in the southeastern United States (Acari: Ixodidae) Trout Fryxell, R T; Vogt, J T. 2019
Florida's forests, 2013 Brown, Mark J.; Nowak, Jarek; Vogt, James T. 2017
Effects of cycle length and plot density on estimators for a national-scale forest monitoring sample design Roesch, Francis A.; Schroeder, Todd A.; Vogt, James T. 2017
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid ( Adelges tsugae ) and hemlock ( Tsuga spp.) in Western North Carolina: What do the Forest Inventory and Analysis data tell us? Vogt, James T.; Roesch, Francis A.; Brown, Mark J. 2016
Georgia’s forests, 2014 Brandeis, Thomas J.; McCollum, Joseph M.; Hartsell, Andrew J.; Brandeis, Consuelo; Rose, Anita K.; Oswalt, Sonja N.; Vogt, James T.; Marcano Vega, Humfredo  2016
The Evolving Role of Forest Inventory and Analysis Data in Invasive Insect Research Vogt, James T.; Koch, Frank H. 2016
North Carolina’s forests, 2013 Brown, Mark J.; Vogt, James T. 2015
Forests of North Carolina, 2012 Brown, M.J.; Vogt, J.T.; New, B.D. 2014
Monthly fluctuation of termite caste proportions (Isoptera) within fire ant mounds (hymenoptera: formicidae) Shelton, Thomas G.; Vogt, J.T.; Tanley, Marla J.; Appel, Arthur G. 2003
Efficacy of three citrus oil formulations against solenopsis invicta buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), the red imported fire ant1,2 Vogt, James T.; Shelton, Thormas G.; Merchant, Michael E.; Russell, Scott A.; Tanley, Marla J.; Appel, Arthur G. 2002