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Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on the Genetics of Host-Parasite Interactions in Forestry—Tree Resistance to Insects and Diseases: Putting Promise into Practice Nelson, C. Dana; Koch, Jennifer L.; Sniezko, Richard A., eds. 2020
Twenty-five-year analysis on the effects of organic matter removal and soil compaction on a Long-Term Soil Productivity study site in North Carolina Eaton, Robert. 2020
Effects of fertilization and irrigation on components of soil carbon efflux and soil respiration in loblolly pine plantations Anderson, Peter H.; Maier, Christopher A. 2020
A reference genome assembly and adaptive trait analysis of Castanea mollissima ‘Vanuxem,’ a source of resistance to chestnut blight in restoration breeding Staton, Margaret; Addo-Quaye, Charles; Cannon, Nathaniel; Yu, Jiali; Zhebentyayeva, Tetyana; Huff, Matthew; Islam-Faridi, Nurul; Fan, Shenghua; Georgi, Laura L.; Nelson, C. Dana; Bellis, Emily; Fitzsimmons, Sara; Henry, Nathan; Drautz-Moses, Daniela; Noorai, Rooksana E.; Ficklin, Stephen; Saski, Christopher; Mandal, Mihir; Wagner, Tyler K.; Zembower, Nicole; Bodénès, Catherine; Holliday, Jason; Westbrook, Jared; Lasky, Jesse; Hebard, Frederick V.; Schuster, Stephan C.; Abbott, Albert G.; Carlson, John E. 2020
Determination of nuclear DNA content, ploidy, and FISH location of ribosomal DNA in Hibiscus hamabo Sakhanokho, Hamidou F.; Islam-Faridi, Nurul; Babiker, Ebrahiem M.; Nelson, Charles D.; Stringer, Stephen J.; Adamczyk, John J. 2020
New chromosome number and cyto-molecular characterization of the African Baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) - “The Tree of Life” Islam-Faridi, Nurul; Sakhanokho, Hamidou F.; Nelson, C. Dana. 2020
Whole‐exome sequencing reveals a long‐term decline in effective population size of red spruce ( Picea rubens ) Capblancq, Thibaut; Butnor, John R.; Deyoung, Sonia; Thibault, Ethan; Munson, Helena; Nelson, David M.; Fitzpatrick, Matthew C.; Keller, Stephen R. 2020
A new look at some old shortleaf pine progeny tests: lessons for silvicultural opportunities through partnerships Bragg, Don C.; Crane, Barbara S.; Hossain, Shaik M.; McDaniel, Virginia L.; Nelson, C. Dana. 2020
Noninvasive 2D and 3D mapping of root zone soil moisture through the detection of coarse roots with ground‐penetrating radar Liu, X.; Chen, J.; Butnor, J. R.; Qin, G.; Cui, X.; Fan, B.; Lin, H.; Guo, L. 2020
A brief history of some shortleaf pine progeny tests in the Ouachita and Ozark National Forests Hossain, Shaik M.;  Bragg, Don C.; McDaniel, V.L.; Crane, Barbara. 2020
Biomass increases attributed to both faster tree growth and altered allometric relationships under long‐term carbon dioxide enrichment at a temperate forest Kim, Dohyoung; Medvigy, David; Maier, Chris A.; Johnsen, Kurt; Palmroth, Sari. 2020
Physiological mechanisms of foliage recovery after spring or fall crown scorch in young longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) Sayer, Mary Anne S.; Tyree, Michael C.; Kuehler, Eric A.; Jackson, John K.; Dillaway, Dylan N. 2020
Cytogenetics of Fraxinus mandshurica and F. quadrangulata: ploidy determination and rDNA analysis Islam-Faridi, Nurul; Mason, Mary E.; Koch, Jennifer L.; Nelson, C. Dana. 2020
Intra-annual variation in soil C, N and nutrients pools after prescribed fire in a Mississippi longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) plantation Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Maier, Christopher A.; Nelson, C. Dana. 2020
Delphi expert opinion survey to assess threats to oaks in the Eastern United States Crocker, Ellen V.; Conrad, Anna O.; Li, Xiaoshu; Thomas, Billy; Ochuodho, Thomas; Nelson, C. Dana. 2019
TreeSnap: a citizen science tool to help our forests Condon, Bradford J.; Crocker, Ellen V.; Almsaeed, Abdullah; Abbott, Albert G.; Nelson, C. Dana; Staton, Margaret. 2019
Genetic integrity of shortleaf and longleaf pine seed orchards and seed banks Crane, Barbara; Hipkins, Valerie; Josserand, Sedley; Echt, Craig. 2019
Threats to oaks in the eastern United States: Perceptions and expectations of experts Conrad, Anna O; Crocker, Ellen V; Li, Xiaoshu; Thomas, William R; Ochuodho, Thomas O; Holmes, Thomas P; Nelson, C Dana. 2019
Ecological restoration of Abies religiosa forests using Nurse plants and assisted migration in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico Carbajal-Navarro, Aglaen; Navarro-Miranda, Esmeralda; Blanco-García, Arnulfo; Cruzado-Vargas, Ana Laura; Gómez-Pineda, Erika; Zamora-Sánchez, Cecilia; Pineda-García, Fernando; O&# 2019
Association of the phenylpropanoid pathway with dormancy and adaptive trait variation in apricot (Prunus armeniaca) Conrad, Anna O; Yu, Jiali; Staton, Margaret E; Audergon, Jean-Marc; Roch, Guillaume; Decroocq, Veronique; Knagge, Kevin; Chen, Huadong; Zhebentyayeva, Tetyana; Liu, Zongrang; Dardick, Christopher; Nelson, C Dana; Abbott, Albert G. 2019
Dissecting resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi in interspecific hybrid chestnut crosses using sequence-based genotyping and QTL mapping Zhebentyayeva, Tetyana N.; Sisco, Paul H.; Georgi, Laura L.; Jeffers, Steven N.; Perkins, M. Taylor; James, Joseph B.; Hebard, Frederick V.; Saski, Christopher; Nelson, C. Dana; Abbott, Albert G. 2019
Hedonic analysis of forest pest invasion: the Case of emerald ash borer Li, Xiaoshu; Holmes, Thomas P.; Boyle, Kevin J.; Crocker, Ellen V.; Nelson, C. Dana. 2019
A population genetics study of three Florida Persea species effected by the Laurel Wilt epidemic Smith, Katherine; Echt, Craig; Josserand, Sedley; Smith, Jason. 2019
Molecular genetics and the effort to conserve southern hemlocks decimated by the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Potter, Kevin M.; Jetton, Robert M.; Campbell, Lia; Hastings, John M.; Josserand, Sedley A.; Hipkens, Valerie D.; Nelson, C. Dana; Dvorak, William S. 2019
DNA fingerprinting results for the Forest Service longleaf pine and shortleaf pine seed orchards and seed bank Crane, Barbara; Hipkins, Valerie; Josserand, Sedley; Echt, Craig. 2019
Adaptive trait variation in the federally endangered Lindera melissifolia (Lauraceae), as it relates to genotype and genotype-environment interaction Hawkins, Tracy S.; Echt, Craig S.; Devall, Margaret S.; Hamel, Paul B.; Wilson, A. Dan; Connor, Kristina F.; Schiff, Nathan M. 2019
Crown architecture, crown leaf area distribution, and individual tree growth efficiency vary across site, genetic entry, and planting density Albaugh, Timothy J.; Maier, Chris A.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Yáñez, Marco A.; Carbaugh, Eric D.; Carter, David R.; Cook, Rachel L.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Fox, Thomas R. 2019
Phenotypic variation in climate-associated traits of red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) along elevation gradients in the southern Appalachian Mountains Butnor, John R; Verrico, Brittany M; Johnsen, Kurt H; Maier, Christopher A; Vankus, Victor; Keller, Stephen R. 2019
Essay: Making the most of recent advances in freshwater mussel propagation and restoration Strayer, David L.; Geist, Juergen; Haag, Wendell R.; Jackson, John K.; Newbold, J. Denis. 2019
TreeSnap: A citizen science app connecting tree enthusiasts and forest scientists Crocker, Ellen; Condon, Bradford; Almsaeed, Abdullah; Jarret, Benjamin; Nelson, C. Dana; Abbott, Albert G.; Main, Doreen; Staton, Margaret. 2019
Anatomical changes with needle length are correlated with leaf structural and physiological traits across five Pinus species Wang, Na; Palmroth, Sari; Maier, Christopher A.; Domec, Jean‐Christophe; Oren, Ram. 2019
Adaptability of Populus to physiography and growing conditions in the southeastern USA Ghezehei, Solomon; Nichols, Elizabeth; Maier, Christopher; Hazel, Dennis. 2019
Response to temperature and virulence assessment of Fusarium circinatum isolates in the context of climate change Quesada, Tania; Lucas, Sunny; Smith, Katherine; Smith, Jason. 2019
Growth, Photosynthesis, and Cold Tolerance of Eucalyptus benthamii Planted in the Piedmont of North Carolina Butnor, John R; Johnsen, Kurt H; Anderson, Peter H; Hall, Kevin B; Halman, Joshua M; Hawley, Gary J; Maier, Christopher A; Schaberg, Paul G. 2019
A low-cost spore trap allows collection and real-time PCR quantification of airborne fusarium circinatum spores Quesada, Tania; Hughes, Jennifer; Smith, Katherine; Shin, Keumchul; James, Patrick; Smith, Jason. 2018
Genetic variation in Water-Use Efficiency (WUE) and growth in mature longleaf pine Castillo, Ana; Goldfarb, Barry; Johnsen, Kurt; Roberds, James; Nelson, C. 2018
Genetic diversity and population structure of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) in the Missouri Ozarks Hendrickson, B.; Anderson, M. R.; Nelson, C. D.; Echt, C.; Josserand, S.; Berkman, L. K.; Koppelman, J. B.; Eggert, L. S. 2018
Provenance variation in pinus palustris foliar δ13C Samuelson, Lisa; Johnsen, Kurt; Stokes, Tom; Anderson, Peter; Nelson, C. 2018
Growth, photosynthesis, and cold tolerance of Eucalyptus benthamii planted in the piedmont of North Carolina Butnor, John R; Johnsen, Kurt H; Anderson, Peter H; Hall, Kevin B; Halman, Joshua M; Hawley, Gary J; Maier, Christopher A; Schaberg, Paul G. 2018
Economic assessment of Eucalyptus globulus short rotation energy crops under contrasting silvicultural intensities on marginal agricultural land Acuña, Eduardo; Rubilar, Rafael; Cancino, Jorge; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Maier, Chris A. 2018
A common garden experiment examining light use efficiency and heat sum to explain growth differences in native and exotic Pinus taeda Albaugh, Timothy J.; Fox, Thomas R.; Maier, Chris A.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Cook, Rachel L.; Raymond, Jay E.; Alvares, Clayton A.; Stape, Jose L. 2018
Ethanol exposure can inhibit red spruce ( Picea rubens ) seed germination Butnor, John R.; Verrico, Brittany M.; Vankus, Victor; Keller, Stephen R. 2018
Predicting longleaf pine coarse root decomposition in the southeastern US Anderson, Peter H.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Butnor, John R.; Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A.; Samuelson, Lisa J. 2018
DNA fingerprinting sets for four southern pines Echt, Craig; Josserand, Sedley. 2018
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) detects fine roots of agricultural crops in the field Liu, Xiuwei; Dong, Xuejun; Xue, Qingwu; Leskovar, Daniel I.; Jifon, John; Butnor, John R.; Marek, Thomas 2018
Longleaf pine site response to repeated fertilization and forest floor removal by raking and prescribed burning Ludovici, Kim; Eaton, Robert; Zarnoch, Stanley 2018
Experimental evaluation of several key factors affecting root biomass estimation by 1500 MHz ground penetrating radar Bain, John; Day, Frank; Butnor, John. 2017
Institute of forest tree breeding: Improvement and gene conservation of iconic tree species in the 21st Century Nelson, C. Dana; Koch, Jennifer L. 2017
Association genetics of growth and adaptive traits in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) using whole-exome-discovered polymorphisms Lu, Mengmeng; Krutovsky, Konstantin V.; Nelson, C. Dana; West, Jason B.; Reilly, Nathalie A.; Loopstra, Carol A. 2017
Genetic variation patterns of American chestnut populations at EST-SSRs Gailing, Oliver; Nelson, C. Dana 2017
Population isolation results in unexpectedly high differentiation in Carolina hemlock (Tsuga caroliniana), an imperiled southern Appalachian endemic conifer Potter, Kevin M.; Campbell, Angelia Rose; Josserand, Sedley A.; Nelson, C. Dana; Jetton, Robert M. 2017
Dynamics of soil CO 2 efflux under varying atmospheric CO 2 concentrations reveal dominance of slow processes Kim, Dohyoung; Oren, Ram; Clark, James S.; Palmroth, Sari; Oishi, A. Christopher; McCarthy, Heather R.; Maier, Chris A.; Johnsen, Kurt 2017
Biomass and nutrient mass of Acacia dealbata and Eucalyptus globulus bioenergy plantations Albaugh, Timothy J.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Maier, Chris A.; Acuña, Eduardo A.; Cook, Rachel L. 2017
Comparative water use in short-rotation Eucalyptus benthamii and Pinus taeda trees in the southern United States Maier, Chris A.; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Cook, Rachel I.; Hall, Kevin; McInnis, Daniel; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Johnson, John; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Vose, James M. 2017
Vertical distribution and persistence of soil organic carbon in fire-adapted longleaf pine forests Butnor, John R.; Samuelson, Lisa J.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Anderson, Peter H.; Gonzalez Benecke, Carlos A.; Boot, Claudia M.; Cotrufo, M. Francesca; Heckman, Katherine A.; Jackson, Jason A.; Stokes, Thomas A.; Zarnoch, Stanley J. 2017
Ecosystem carbon density and allocation across a chronosequence of longleaf pine forests Samuelson, Lisa J.; Stokes, Thomas A.; Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A.; Martin, Timothy A.; Cropper, Wendell P.; Anderson, Pete H.; Ramirez, Michael R.; Lewis, John C. 2017
Coupling fine-scale root and canopy structure using ground-based remote sensing Hardiman, Brady; Gough, Christopher; Butnor, John; Bohrer, Gil; Detto, Matteo; Curtis, Peter 2017
Exome genotyping, linkage disequilibrium and population structure in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) Lu, Mengmeng; Krutovsky, Konstantin V.; Nelson, C. Dana; Koralewski, Tomasz E.; Byram, Thomas D.; Loopstra, Carol A. 2016
Responses of two genetically superior loblolly pine clonal ideotypes to a severe ice storm Pile, Lauren S.; Maier, Christopher A.; Wang, G. Geoff; Yu, Dapao; Shearman, Tim M. 2016
Occurrence of shortleaf x loblolly pine hybrids in shortleaf pine orchards: Implications for ecosystem restoration Stewart, John F.; Will, Rodney; Crane, Barbara S.; Nelson, C. Dana 2016
The genetics of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata mill.) with implications for restoration and management Stewart, John F.; Will, Rodney E.; Crane, Barbara S.; Nelson, C. Dana 2016
Post-fire resprouting of shortleaf pine is facilitated by a morphological trait but fire eliminates shortleaf x loblolly pine hybrid seedlings Bradley, J.C.; Will, R.E.; Stewart, J.F.; Nelson, C.D.; Guldin, J.M. 2016
Temporal and spatial patterns of soil CO2 efflux, soil carbon, and root biomass associated with bedding in young loblolly pine plantations Maier, Chris A.; Anderson, Pete; Butnor, John R.; Dougherty, Phillip M.; Johnsen, Kurt; McInnins, Daniel 2016
Changes in soil chemistry six months after prescribed fire in a longleaf pine plantation in Mississippi Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Nelson, C. Dana 2016
Restoration of longleaf pine--the status of our knowledge Guldin, James M.; Rosson, Jr., James F.; Nelson, C. Dana. 2016
Southern pine beetle in loblolly pine: simulating within stand interactions using the process model SPBLOBTHIN Strom, B. L.; Meeker, J. R.; Bishir, J.; Roberds, J. H.; Wan, X. 2016
Surface-based GPR underestimates below-stump root biomass Butnor, John R.; Samuelson, Lisa J.; Stokes, Thomas A.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Anderson, Peter H.; Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A. 2016
Understory plant biomass dynamics of prescribed burned Pinus palustris stands Gonzalez-Benecke, C.A.; Samuelson, L.J.; Stokes, T.A.; Cropper Jr, W.P.; Martin, T.A.; Johnsen, K.H. 2015
Modeling the effects of forest management on in situ and ex situ longleaf pine forest carbon stocks Gonzalez-Benecke, C.A.; Samuelson, L.J.; Martin, T.A.; Cropper Jr, W.P.; Johnsen, K.H.; Stokes, T.A.; Butnor, J.R.; Anderson, P.H. 2015
Consequences of shifts in abundance and distribution of American chestnut for restoration of a foundation forest tree Dalgleish, Harmony; Nelson, C. Dana; Scrivani, John; Jacobs, Douglass. 2015
Identification of nine pathotype-specific genes conferring resistance to fusiform rust in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) Amerson, Henry V.; Nelson, C. Dana; Kubisiak, Thomas L.; Kuhlman, E.George; Garcia, Saul 2015
Evolution of soil, ecosystem, and critical zone research at the USDA FS Calhoun Experimental Forest Richter, Daniel deB.; Bacon, Allan R.; Billings, Sharon A.; Binkley, Dan; Buford, Marilyn, Callaham, Mac A.; Curry, Amy E.; Fimmen, Ryan L.; Grandy, A. Stuart; Heine, Paul R.; Hofmockel, Michael; Jackson, Jason A.; LeMaster, Elizabeth; Li, Jianwei; Markewitz, Daniel; Mobley, Megan L.; Morrison, Mary W.; Strickland, Michael S.; Waldrop, Thomas; Wells, Carol G. 2015
A consensus genetic map for Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii and extent of linkage disequilibrium in two genotype-phenotype discovery populations of Pinua taeda Westbrook, Jared W.; Chhatre, Vikram E.; Wu, Le-Shin; Chamala, Srikar; Neves, Leandro Gomide; Munoz,Patricio; Martinez-Garcia, Pedro J.; Neale,David B.; Kirst, Matias; Mockaitis, Keithanne; Nelson, C. Dana; Peter, Gary F.; Davis, John M.; Echt, Craig S. 2015
Participatory genetic improvement: longleaf pine Nelson, C. Dana; Boyd, Gwendolyn; Rousseau, Randall J.; Crane, Barbara S.; Echt, Craig S.; Johnsen, Kurt H. 2015
Is there a morphological or physiological explanation for the dramatic increase in hybridization between loblolly and shortleaf pine? Will, Rodney E.; Lilly, Curtis J.; Stewart, John F.; Nelson, C. Dana; Tauer, Charles G. 2015
Effects of spring prescribed fire on short-term, leaf-level photosynthesis and water use efficiency in longleaf pine Jackson, John K.; Dillaway, Dylan N.; Tyree, Michael C.; Sword Sayer, Mary Anne. 2015
Longleaf pine grown in Virginia: a provenance test Johnsen, Kurt H.; Creighton, Jerre L.; Maier, Chris A. 2015
Outdoor recreation in shifting societal and natural landscapes Mockrin, Miranda H. ; Bowker, J. M.; Smith, Katherine; West, Cindi 2014
YouGenMap: a web platform for dynamic multi-comparative mapping and visualization of genetic maps Batesole, Keith; Wimalanathan, Kokulapalan; Liu, Lin; Zhang, Fan; Echt, Craig S.; Liang, Chun 2014
Morphological and Cytomolecular Assessment of Intraspecific Variability in Scarlet Eggplant ( Solanum aethiopicum L.) Sakhanokho, Hamidou F.; Islam-Faridi, M. Nurul; Blythe, Eugene K.; Smith, Barbara J.; Rajasekaran, Kanniah; Majid, M. A. 2014
Duplications and losses in gene families of rust pathogens highlight putative effectors Pendleton, Amanda L.; Smith, Katherine E.; Feau, Nicolas; Martin, Francis M.; Grigoriev,Igor V.; Hamelin,Richard;Nelson, C.Dana; Burleigh,J.Gordon; Davis, John M. 2014
Biotechnology of trees: Chestnut Nelson, C.D.; Powell, W.A.; Merkle, S.A.; Carlson, J.E.; Hebard, F.V.; Islam-Faridi, N; Staton, M.E.; Georgi, L. 2014
Contrasting genotypes, soil amendments, and their interactive effects on short-term total soil CO2 efflux in a 3-year-old Pinus taeda L Tyree, Michael C.; Seiler, John R.; Maier, Chris A. 2014
Mapping fusiform rust resistance genes within a complex mating design of loblolly pine Quesada, Tania;Resende Jr., Marcio F.R.; Munoz, Patricio; Wegrzyn, Jill L.; Neale, David B.; Kirst, Matias; Peter, Gary F.; Gezan, Salvador A.; Nelson, C.Dana; Davis, John M. 2014
Gas exchange and stand-level estimates of water use and gross primary productivity in an experimental pine and switchgrass intercrop forestry system on the Lower Coastal Plain of North Carolina, U.S.A Albaugha, Janine M.; Domeca, Jean-Christophe; Maier, Chris A.; Sucre, Eric B.; Leggett, Zakiya H.; King, John S. 2014
Local and general above-stump biomass functions for loblolly pine and slash pine trees Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A., Gezan, Salvador A., Albaugh, Timothy J., Allen, H. Lee, Burkhart, Harold E., Fox, Thomas R., Jokela, Eric J., Maier, Chris A., Martin, Timothy A., Rubilar, Rafael A., Samuelson,Lisa J. 2014
New records and notes on the ecology of the northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis) in Arkansas Sasse, D.B.; Caviness, M.L.; Harvey, M.J.; Jackson, J.L.; Jordan, P.N.; Klotz, T.L.; Moore, P.R.; Perry, R.W.; Redman, R.K.; Risch, T.S.; Saugey, D.A.; Wilhide, J.D. 2014
Frequent fire protects shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) from introgression by loblolly pine (P. taeda). Stewart, John F; Will, Rodney E; Robertson, Kevin M; Nelson, C. Dana. 2014
Soil ecosystem services in loblolly pine plantations 15 years after harvest, compaction, and vegetation control Scott, D. Andrew; Eaton, Robert J.; Foote, Julie A.; Vierra, Benjamin; Boutton, Thomas W.; Blank, Gary B.; Johnsen, Kurt. 2014
Sustained effects of atmospheric [CO2] and nitrogen availability on forest soil CO2 efflux Oishi, A. Christopher; Palmroth, Sari; Johnsen, Kurt H.; McCarthy, Heather R.; Oren, Ram. 2014
Productivity and carbon sequestration of forests in the southern United States Johnsen, Kurt H.; Keyser, Tara L.; Butnor, John R.; Gonzalez-Beenecke, Carlos A.; Kaczmarek, Donald J.; Maier, Chris A.; McCarthy, Heather R.; Sun, Ge. 2014
Ecosystem carbon stocks in Pinus palustris forests Samuelson, Lisa J.; Stokes, Tom A.; Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A.; Anderson, Pete; Jackson, Jason; Ferrari, Lorenzo; Martin, Tim A.; Cropper, Wendell P. 2014
Measuring soil frost depth in forest ecosystems with ground penetrating radar Butnor, John R.; Campbell, John L.; Shanley, James B.; Zarnoch, Stanley. 2014
Needle parameter variation of mature black spruce families displaying a genetic x environment interaction in growth Major, John E.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Barsi, Debby C.; Campbell, Moira 2013
Pines Nelson, C. Dana; Peter, Gary F.; McKeand, Steven E.; Jokela, Eric J.; Rummer, Robert B.; Groom, Leslie H.; Johnsen, Kurt H. 2013
Soil carbon and nitrogen content and stabilization in mid-rotation, intensively managed sweetgum and loblolly stands Johnsen, Kurt H.; Samuelson, Lisa J.; Sanchez, Felipe G.; Eaton, Robert J. 2013
Stem biomass, C and N partitioning and growth efficiency of mature pedigreed black spruce on both a wet and a dry site. Major, J.E, Johnsen, K.H., Barsi, D.C., Campbell, M., and J. Malcolm. 2013
Genetic and genomic resources for mapping resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi in chestnut Zhebentyayeva, T.;Chandra, A.; Abbott, A.G.; Staton, M.E.; Olukolu, B.A.; Hebard, F.V.; Georgi, L.L.; Jeffers, S.N.; Sisco, P.H.; James, J.B.; Nelson, C.D. 2013
The Forest Health Initiative, American chestnut (Castanea dentata) as a model for forest tree restoration: Biological Research Program Nelson, C.D.; Powell, W.A.; Maynard, C.A.; Baier, K.M.; Newhouse, A.; Merkle, S.A.; Nairn, C.J.; Kong, L.; Carlson, J.E.; Addo-Quaye, C.; Staton, M.E.; Hebard, F.V.; Georgi, L.L.; Abbott, A.G.; Olukolu, B.A.; Zhebentyayeva, T. 2013
Association genetics of oleoresin flow in loblolly pine: discovering genes and predicting phenotype for improved resistance to bark beetles and bioenergy potential Westbrook, Jared W.; Resende Jr., Marcio F. R.; Munoz, Patricio; Walker, Alejandro R.; Wegrzyn, Jill L.; Nelson, C. Dana; Neale, David B.; Kirst, Matias; Huber. Dudley A.; Gezan,Salvador A.; Peter, Gary F.; Davis, John M. 2013
Decreased carbon limitation of litter respiration in a mortality-affected pinon-juniper woodland Berryman, Erin; Marshall, John D.; Rahn, Thom; Litvak, Marcie; Butnor, John. 2013
The effects of 11 yr of CO2 enrichment on roots in a Florida scrub-oak ecosystem Day, Frank P.; Schroeder, Rachel E.; Stover, Daniel B.; Brown, Alisha L.P.; Butnor, John R.; Dilustro, John; Hungate, Bruce A.; Dijkstra, Paul; Duval, Benjamin D.; Seiler, Troy J.; Drake, Bert G.; Hinkle, C. Ross. The effects of 2013
Spatial and temporal variability of soil CO2 efflux in three proximate temperate forest ecosystems Oishi, A. Christopher; Palmroth, Sari; Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Oren, Ram. 2013
Forests and Climate Change in the Southeast USA McNulty, Steven; Caldwell, Peter; Doyle, Thomas W.; Johnsen, Kurt; Liu, Yongqiang; Mohan, Jacqueline; Prestemon, Jeffrey; Sun, Ge 2013
Hybridization in naturally regenerated shortleaf pine as affected by the distance to nearby artificially regenerated stands of loblolly pine Stewart, John F.; Tauer, Charles G.; Guldin, James M.; Nelson, C. Dana. 2013
Site-specific forest management: matching genotypes and silviculture to optimize carbon sequestration Tyree, Michael; Seiler, John; Maier, Chris 2013
Hemlock woolly adelgid in the southern Appalachians: Control strategies, ecological impacts, and potential management responses Vose, James M.; Wear, David N.; Mayfield, Albert E., III; Nelson, C. Dana 2013
Mapping resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi in chestnut (Castanea sp.) Olukolu, Bode A.; Nelson, C. Dana; Abbott, Albert G. 2012
Total below-ground carbon and nitrogen partitioning of mature black spruce displaying genetic x soil moisture interaction in growth Major, John E.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Barsi, Debby C.; Campbell, Moira 2012
Fine and coarse root parameters from mature black spruce displaying genetic x soil moisture interaction in growth Major, John E.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Barsi, Debby C.; Campbell, Moira 2012
Trenching reduces soil heterotrophic activity in a loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) forest exposed to elevated atmospheric [CO2] and N fertilization Drake, J.E.; Oishi, A.C.;Giasson, M. A.;Oren, R.; Johnsen, K.H.; Finzi, A.C. 2012
Impacts of pine species, stump removal, cultivation, and fertilization on soil properties half a century after planting Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Sanchez, Felipe G; Nelson, C. Dana. 2012
Effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on soil CO2 efflux in a young longleaf pine system Runion, G. Brett; Butnor, John R.; Prior, S. A.; Mitchell, R. J.; Rogers, H. H. 2012
Hybridization Leads to Loss of Genetic Integrity in Shortleaf Pine: Unexpected Consequences of Pine Management and Fire Suppression Tauer, Charles G.; Stewart, John F.; Will, Rodney E.; Lilly, Curtis J.; Guldin, James M.; Nelson, C. Dana 2012
Long-term drought sensitivity of trees in second-growth forests in a humid region Pederson, Neil; Tackett, Kacie; McEwan, Ryan W.; Clark, Stacy; Cooper, Adrienne; Brosi, Glade; Eaton, Ray; Stockwell, R. Drew 2012
Report on the 31st Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference (SFTIC) Nelson, C. Dana; Rousseau, Randall J; Adams, Joshua P; Yuceer, M. Cetin 2012
Effect of Harvest Residue Management on Tree Productivity and Carbon Pools during Early Stand Development in a Loblolly Pine Plantation Maier, Chris A.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Dougherty, Phillip; McInnis, Daniel; Anderson, Pete; Patterson, Steve 2012
Prescribed burning cost recovery analysis on nonindustrial private forestland in North Carolina Myers, Ronald J.; Powell, William; Megalos, Mark 2012
Screening cut-stump control of Chinese tallowtree, sweetgum and yaupon with aminocyclopyrachlor Yeiser, J. L.; Link, M.; Grogan, J. 2012
Controlling roadside noncrop pine in SE Oklahoma using selected glyphosate formulations with and without LI 700 and Milestone VM Plus Yeiser, J.L.; Finke, M.; Grogan, J. 2012
Effect of simulated ice storm damage on loblolly pine tree and stand growth Will, Rodney E.; Hennessey, Thomas; Lynch, Thomas; Heinemann, Robert; Holeman, Randal; Wilson, Dennis 2012
The 3 Ps of oak regeneration: planning, persistence, and patience Weigel, Dale R.; Dey, Daniel C.; Kabrick, John 2012
Science delivery is a two-way street – development of the Consortium Of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists (CAFMS) Waldrop, Thomas A.; Mohr, Helen H.; Hoyle, Zoe 2012
Low-cost regeneration techniques for mixed-species management – 20 years later Waldrop, Thomas A.; Mohr, Helen H. 2012
Best management practices for erosion control from bladed skid trails Wade, Charles R.; Aust, W. Michael; Bolding, M. Chad; Lakel III, William A. 2012
Silviculture of varietal loblolly pine plantations: second year impacts of spacing and silvicultural treatments on varieties with differing crown ideotypes Vickers, Lance A.; Fox, Thomas R.; Stape, Jose L.; Albaugh, Timothy J. 2012
Increased uniformity by planting clones will likely have a minimal effect on inventory costs VanderSchaaf, Curtis L.; Coble, Dean W.; South, David B. 2012
A mixed-effects height-diameter model for cottonwood in the Mississippi Delta VanderSchaaf, Curtis L.; Stuhlinger, H. Christoph 2012
Integrating forest stand projections with wildlife occupancy models to develop a decision support tool Tacconelli, Michelle F.; Loewenstein, Edward F. 2012
Surface soil root response to season of repeated fire in a young longleaf pine plantation Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Haywood, James D. 2012
Methodology and preliminary results of evaluating stem displacement and assessing root system architecture of longleaf pine saplings Sung, Shi-Jean S.; Leduc, Daniel J.; Haywood, James D.; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Zarnoch, Stanley J. 2012
Effect of culture and density on aboveground biomass allocation of 12 years old loblolly pine trees in the upper coastal plain and piedmont of Georgia and Alabama Subedi, Santosh; Kane, Dr. Michael; Zhao, Dr. Dehai; Borders, Dr. Bruce; Greene, Dr. Dale 2012
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